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Business Driven HR: Evaluating the Impact of Strategic HR

Sep 23—24, 2019
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 995 ≈USD 1219
GBP 497 per day

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Business Driven HR: Evaluating the impact of strategic HR will enable you to explore the purpose and implication of Strategic HR, and enhance your ability to address problems and challenges arising in the organisation through a rational, organic and strategic HR lens. Additionally, you will explore what it means for HR to be more entrepreneurial, adding value as a strategic support service, and finally how to measure and evaluate HR’s contribution and value add to the organisation.


Business Driven HR: Evaluating the impact of strategic HR and the interactive format of the course will enable you to explore new knowledge and techniques through practical engagement. By the end of the course you wll be able to:

  • understand the purpose, implication and value of Strategic HR
  • understand and explore how to incorporate the ‘Next Generation Service Delivery’ roles into their current HR practice
  • assess organisational problems or challenges, by exploring a variety of options for tackling the challenges based on how they may impact on employee resourcefulness, as well as undertaking appropriate interventions for improvement
  • explore the various ‘organic’ processes that are often overlooked, but can have the greatest impact on the success of HR interventions
  • consider how to be more entrepreneurial and add maximum value as a Strategic Support Service
  • have a clearer picture of the various evaluation constructs for evaluating HR’s impact and interventions and assess your organisation’s HR contribution
  • practice applying a variety of alternative approaches to exploring and understanding organisational challenges in the context of the impact on the employees, and how best to address them.



  • Some preparation work will be required to research and explore HR Practice with regards:
  • Strategic HR Delivery Models used in other organisations
  • Strategies for challenging the status quo
  • Best practices

Welcome and Introduction:

  • Introductions that facilitate connections, and enable honest and open sharing throughout the course
  • Determining our Expectations, given the content of the programme
  • Programme Administration and Logistics

Setting the Context for Next Generation HR:

  • Exploring the purpose and implication of Strategic HR:
  • Going beyond typical HR processes to ascertain how HR will deliver value in the future?
  • Considering Ulrich’s HRBP Model Perspectives and Flaws:
  • Consider the impact and necessity of the ‘Next Generation Service Delivery Roles’

Strategic and/or Organic Problem Solving Process:

Are we asking the right questions or solving the right problems?

  • The Strategic Problem-Solving Process:
  • Problem Awareness
  • Problem Definition
  • Exploring Possible Solutions
  • Action Planning for Implementation
  • Follow-Through or Dumbing Down?
  • The Organic Factors:
  • Chaos and Complexity of the modern world-of-work
  • A practical model for working with Systems Theory
  • Polarity Management

What does it mean to be an HR Entrepreneur?

  • Adding value as a Strategic Support Services?
  • Future-Proof the HR Talent Management Strategy
  • Strategic Support Services can and should drive growth and organisational relevance

Evaluation and ROI:

  • Understanding the various evaluation constructs for evaluating HR interventions and impact
  • Exploring and understanding an Organisational Evaluation Model
  • ROI – Measuring the HR Value Proposition
  • A word of caution about ‘Best Practice’ case studies

Application Exercise:

  • Simulating the world of work, to practice the skills learned during the programme
  • Action planning for application in the workplace
  • Close

Who should attend

This course is suitable for the following:

  • Senior HR management professionals responsible for formulating and or implementing strategy
  • HR Business Partners
  • OD Specialists and Practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Anyone that has aspirations of becoming an HR Director


Sylvia combines extensive commercial, management, OD and HR experience with outstanding credentials as a developer. Her commercial experience draws on 25 years’ international work in the retail, manufacturing, financial services, education, pharmaceutical, legal, charity, energy, health and engin...

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Sep 23—24, 2019
2 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 995 ≈USD 1219
GBP 497 per day

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