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Building Your City's Brand

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Play a Leadership Role in Building Your City

This course explores branding as a key mechanism for city leadership. Specifically, it develops the links between your personal leadership style (self-brand) and your city’s brand. The principles that drive both are the same, so strengthening your self-brand makes you better equipped to take a leadership role in building your city’s brand.

Accordingly, the first day of the course focuses on building your personal brand, while day two looks at building the municipal brand. Explore critical touchpoints between personal and city branding, as you help your city position itself in a relevant, differentiated and meaningful way.


  • Discover what you stand for, and see yourself as others see you
  • Craft a unique personal brand that encompasses your values and life choices
  • Communicate your brand in a way that inspires people to follow you
  • Leverage your self-brand to help your city build a robust municipal brand
  • Sharpen the leadership skills needed to promote the city’s strategic direction
  • Ensure that both your self- and city brands are credible

Course Content

Day One: Branding Yourself

  • Core principles and characteristics of a great brand
  • The impact of perceptual bias and tools for clarifying your perceptions
  • Developing your “brand DNA”: an individualized template for conveying a consistent persona
  • Techniques for crafting and refining your personal brand DNA
  • Designing brand insignia to symbolize your brand

Day Two: Branding Your City

  • What differentiates cities; examples of strong city brands
  • Identifying your organization’s perceptual lenses, key values, guiding principles and USPs
  • Developing a brand DNA for the city
  • Symbolizing city values and attributes with brand insignia
  • Applying learnings from municipal election campaigns
  • Using your personal communication strengths to help communicate the city brand
  • Leadership, strategic thinking and change management skills for moving the city forward

Special Features

  • Case studies and dialogue to address priority topics
  • Discussion of brand perceptions that participants have close affinities for (and against)
  • Sharing of first-hand experiences from municipal election campaigns

Who should attend

Senior and middle managers interested in building stronger personal brands and stronger brands in general. Special interest to those working with and for municipalities within the Metro Vancouver area and anyone interested in the business of building City brands.


Peter is the owner of Dolphin Brand Strategy, a marketing and brand management consulting firm. He has over 30 years of experience in building integrated advertising, public relations, customer relationship management and brand operations for the world’s most prestigious brands, including Coca-Co...


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