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Building the Human Capital Base: Essential Human-Resources Practices for Managers

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About the course

This course provides a comprehensive opportunity to learn how to manage the most expensive and arguably most important organizational resource: human capital. We will focus on a number of “best practices” for staffing, training and development, performance management, incentive systems and related human-resources practices that can be used to enhance functional effectiveness and improve firm performance in a wide variety of hospitality settings.

Key Benefits

Participants gain insights and skills for operational and human resource managers in the hospitality industry. Designed for beginning or seasoned managers, the course will develop a strong operating foundation based on state-of-the-art practice, and can fill in gaps in knowledge through discussion and experience-based exercises. Ultimately, the course will prepare participants to think strategically about the application of their organization’s human resources.

Topics Include

  • HR planning procedures
  • High-performance staffing methods
  • Dynamic learning systems
  • Performance management and incentive programs
  • HR metrics and analytics

Course reviews

Professional Development Program: Essential Human-Resources Practices for Managers

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