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Building Customer-Centric Organisations

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About the course

To be truly customer-centric and market-driven, a company or organisation (profit or nonprofit) should develop the capability to sense and respond to the changing needs of customers in the market. This, then, is the basic premise of this newest addition to our suite of marketing programmes - Building Customer-centric Organisations - which focuses on the idea that customer focus must extend to the entire organisation across all its major functions for it to be successful.

This programme helps participants to foster a customer-centric approach within their organisation, one that responds to changes in the marketplace. By the end of the programme participants will understand how to obtain customer insights through customer analysis that would help in the creation of a superior value proposition.

Participants will critically assess how to remain customer-centric by organising the firm around the objectives of its customer strategy in a way that aligns various functions (e.g. operations & marketing) as well as tactics (i.e. marketing mix) with the over-arching strategic vision.

Through knowledge sharing and action-based learning the participant should be able to obtain a fundamental understanding of how to build and sustain a customer-centric organisation.


  • Developing frameworks to become and remain customer-centric
  • Understanding how firms maintain or lose their customer focus
  • Deriving insights from consumer behaviour to create effective value propositions
  • Developing customer empathy
  • Avoiding pain points for customers
  • Managing customer relationships and customer lifetime value
  • Understanding organisational design for strategic alignment
  • Recognising the specific issues for customer-centric B2B organisations.


  • Acquire a disciplined approach to the market analysis that will expand your marketing decision making skills
  • Understand how to align the organisation with customer strategy, using a multi-functional approach
  • Learn to use quantitative tools for measuring customer preferences, customer relationship management, customer lifetime value, customer feedback, service and operations, and performance.

Who should attend

Senior executives, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs wanting to enhance their knowledge of customer focused leadership and the impact of customer insights on decision making and strategy.

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Eden Yin

University Senior Lecturer in Marketing Director of the MPhil in Management Programme Fellow of St Edmund''s College BSc (Jilin University), MA (West Virginia University), PhD (University of Southern California) Research interests New product growth in high-tech industries; internationalisa...


Ahmed Khwaja

Research interests Research interests include: marketing strategy; health care markets, innovation and market entry; customer and employee relationship management in service industries; pharmaceutical R&D and retail chain expansion and growth. Specific interests are health-related consumpti...


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This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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