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GIBS Business School

Building Business Effectiveness for Managers

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About the course

Advance your career and enhance your ability to lead by developing strong business acumen.

Your ability to correctly process information, consider key factors behind issues and comprehend potential consequences when making decisions will set you up for a successful career in management.

This course will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to hone your business acumen and accelerate your professional growth and performance.

Using four tactical pillars – improving cash management, elevating the organisation and its culture, maximising income statement drivers and accelerating profitable growth, this programme focuses on enhancing the performance of both the individual and the company.

10 benefits of integrated business acumen and skills:

  • Accelerates decision making;
  • Mitigates risks of poorly informed decision;
  • Allows for business simulations and development of scenarios;
  • Increases innovative thinking;
  • Reduces complexity and increases flexibility;
  • Saves the organisation money;
  • Improves systems thinking;
  • Increase competitiveness;
  • Enhances negotiation skills; and
  • Creates a common language.

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Make better informed decisions from, and for, each line of an income and cash flow statement;
  • Improve decisions on portfolio management;
  • Develop plans on product launches and lifecycle maintenance;
  • Analyse return on investment on advertising, marketing and sales activities;
  • Set clear priorities for the business;
  • Develop aggressive growth action plans;
  • Enhance the profitability of your business;
  • Engage with all stakeholders in a business; and
  • Develop clear people development plans.

Key focus areas:

  • Achieving profitable accelerated growth by understanding greater innovation, product life cycle management and portfolio management;
  • Maximising income statement drivers by understanding smart price increases and using cost of goods sold and cost of selling more effectively;
  • Elevating organisational culture to increase the productivity of people, improve their efficiency and align them to company values; and
  • Improving cash management by understanding net working capital, ROI on capital expenditure and managing taxes.

Who should attend

Middle managers, line managers, functional and technical specialists from all industries who understand the strategy of their organisations and/or business units, and would like to be equipped with the necessary tactical tools to help an organisation deliver value and profits successfully.

Trust the experts

Enrico Baldassarri

I’m a CEO that brings an unmatched track record of success, an enormous love of people, and an all-consuming desire to positively impact the world. I am a Global Marketing Expert with superior ability to grasp consumer’s insights. I have an extensive, successful, international practice gained i...


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Enrico Baldassarri - Business Acumen Programme

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