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Mar 26—27, 2020
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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May 21—22, 2020
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Sep 24—25, 2020
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About the course

Business cases allow you to introduce a new process, purchase new software, or create a new role to fill the needs of your organization. You can create a defensible, detailed document that outlines the benefits and return on investment (ROI) of your proposed project with a business case. You will learn how to complete a cost-benefit analysis, justify a project in terms of the value added as a result of the solution, and identify and assess potential risks. You will apply the knowledge gained to estimate costs and benefits, and practice analyzing an actual business case.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the framework for completing analysis
  • Describe the components of a business and technology assessment
  • Explain techniques used in assessing risk
  • Discuss the relationship between estimating and prioritization
  • List ways to estimate the benefits of a project
  • Categorize benefits
  • Describe various techniques for calculating a project’s value

Course Topics

Exercise: Start with a Bang

  • Exercise: Start with a Bang


  • Business Case Development
  • Business Case Definition
  • Purpose
  • The Business Case Document Structure
  • Overall Project Management Processes
  • Feasibility Study

Business Case Planning Concepts

  • Types of Project Definitions
  • Problem Definition and Opportunity Analysis
  • Best Practices
  • Competing Demands
  • Initial vs. Detailed Planning

Business and Technology Assessment

  • Team Organization
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Proposed Project Team
  • Defining Scope
  • Project Objectives
  • Project Strategy

Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Identification Techniques

Prioritization and Estimating

  • Prioritization Techniques
  • Estimating Techniques

Documenting the Business Case

  • The Business Case Process
  • The Documentation Process
  • Business Case Document

Benefit Estimation and Analysis

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Process
  • Definition
  • Project Life Cycles—Cost-Benefit Reviews
  • The Process
  • Cost Issues
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • What Are You Estimating?
  • Estimate the Project
  • Project Cost
  • Financial Calculations
  • Operational Costs Forecast
  • Operational Costs

Analyzing Benefits

  • The Cost Estimating Process
  • Financial Factors
  • Benefit Confidencing
  • Confidencing the Estimate
  • Benefit Category—Tangible
  • Benefit Category—Intangible
  • Forecast Annual Benefits
  • Benefits Consideration

Business Case Analysis Exercises

  • Analysis Begins
  • Exercise: Car Analysis
  • Exercise: Estimate Project Costs
  • Exercise: Estimate O&M Costs
  • Exercise: Estimate the Benefits
  • Exercise: Analyzing a Business Case

Cost-Benefit Results

  • Presentation Techniques
  • What-Ifs
  • Where the Financial Analysis Comes Together
  • Presenting the Business Case
  • Cost-Benefit Follow-Up
  • Process Review
  • Portfolio Management Maturity

Who should attend

This course is intended for intermediate level program and project managers and business analysts

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