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Building Better Boards

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About the course

A workshop for board members who want to enhance the practical skills they require to positively contribute to the performance of the board. Board members will have many years of corporate experience, and might have the relevant knowledge needed for this role, but this does not necessarily mean that they will have the interpersonal skills they need to succeed at this level.

Programme Methodology:

During​ this programme you will participate in a simulation which has been designed to give you the opportunity to make critical decisions which board members are typically involved in. All participants will be assigned key roles such as 'Chairman, CEO, CFO, Chairman of Audit' etc. Decisions made in the simulation will be matched to these functions. Experienced board members will fulfill the role of Chairman or Company Secretary to facilitate the simulated decisions. As decisions are made, these are factored into the simulation, so that the outcomes can be experienced in real time.​

How you will benefit

By attending this programme you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to navigate your way through board meetings to ensure positive outcomes on the performance of the board;
  • Learn how to influence interpersonal dynamics that could affect the decisions made by boards;
  • Get the opportunity to practice different roles in a safe environment;
  • Learn how varying decisions can impact business performance in different ways; and
  • Test your board meeting behaviour with other seasoned executives to improve on your decision-making and influencing skills.

Additional information

The design of this programme allows delegates to participate in simulated board meetings where important decisions are made. The focus will be on the behavioural skills needed to make a significant impact in this role.

Who should attend

This programme will benefit existing, new or aspirant board members who will benefit from enhancing their behavioural skills in board meetings.​

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