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About the course

Leverage Development and Succession Planning for Sustained Organizational Performance

In this course you will learn how to design a succession and talent development plan for your organization. Take stock of your organization’s state of readiness to fill critical leadership vacancies. Assess your current talent depth and create a plan to increase it. Identify high-potential people, and develop processes to actualize their capabilities in waiting.


  • Evaluate your organization’s ability to support bench strength development
  • Integrate succession planning into all facets of talent management
  • Re-think performance appraisal processes as a core element of succession planning
  • Employ an array of developmental opportunities beyond conventional approaches
  • Manage bench strength data with replacement charts and HRIS
  • Communicate clearly and fairly with the team on succession-related issues

Course Content

  • Assessing how your organization currently handles staff development and succession
  • The succession planning process: defining your talent objectives, evaluating your peoples’ capabilities, setting a timeline
  • Selecting employees for development and evaluating their progress
  • Achieving communication transparency
  • Plans and processes for bench strength development, developing mentorships
  • Implementing a bench strength plan: aligning your talent objectives with the organizational strategy, creating an organization-wide communications plan, staying on track

Special Features

This course features presentations by talent development professionals who will detail their real-world experiences with building and maintaining effective talent pipelines.

Who should attend

This course is designed for leaders who are engaged in maintaining a talented work force in the face of the uncertainties affecting organizations today. It will also help HR professionals to provide better strategic direction in their efforts to increase organizational resilience and sustainability.

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Thomas Knight

Dr. Thomas R. Knight has over 30 years' experience as an educator, consultant and facilitator in a variety of areas of managerial and leadership practice. His areas of particular expertise include labour-management relations, negotiations, conflict resolution, leading change and transitions and a...


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