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Building an Innovation Culture

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About the course

Embedding innovation into the DNA of your organisation is key to business growth.

A failure to innovate is tantamount to ensuring organisation stagnation at best and failure at worst. The requirement to differentiate your organisation from your competitors and develop new and compelling customer options is probably the single most important challenge confronting your organisation. It is not so much the advantage you enjoy today that counts but rather your ability to become different in the future.

This course has been designed so that you can address the “innovation challenge” in your organisation in a structured and methodical manner:

  • Set the stage for innovation
  • Specify the types of innovation
  • Provide tools for assessing innovation
  • Provide measurement standards

Topics covered

This is a course designed around five key areas:

  • What is your current portfolio for innovation?
  • Defining innovation
  • What sort of innovation is required?
  • How do we identify innovation priorities?
  • How do we measure innovation without creating a bureaucracy?


You will:

  • Broaden your understanding of innovation away from a straight product and service focus
  • Learn to facilitate structured sessions around the “innovation challenge”
  • Change the innovation perspective from a buzzword around culture and move to deep and profound understanding of innovation practices
  • Have a platform and tools to use for understanding and assessing innovation
  • Develop an innovation resource pool for further and deeper learning

Your organisation will:

  • Learn how to build a systematic approach to innovation
  • Make innovation a central plank of the strategic plan
  • Engage your people to secure their pride and ownership in achieving bold and ambitious targets
  • Enable your people to work on their ideas
  • Move innovation to a bottom-up approach with everyone engaged

Who should attend

  • People accountable for change
  • People with an eye on the future
  • Key influencers and decision makers

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