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Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University


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Leadership is a form of social influence that doesn't always depend on your position in the company. However, it is true that if you want to foster a ...


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Who should attend

You are a (Potential) Leader across the world with a growth mindset, an open heart and a hunger for completeness and innovation embracing not-knowing.

About the course

Breath In Leadership is a holistic leadership journey designed for corporate & government leaders and social entrepreneurs to bring conscious (inclusive, diverse, life-centred) and impactful change to their organisations and the communities around them in a new and foundational way.

The program is not only about the literal, physical interpretation of breathing and/or meditation. It is much more encompassing. It is an emerging global learning and co-creation community platform and ecosystem with a broader scope on how to create a regenerative future for all.

The Breath in Leadership Journey provides deep and innovative experiences, dialogues, meta-skills, co-creation, and a wholistic approach to embodied wisdom. It includes three physical learning and co-creation experiences in The Netherlands and Ibiza and offers a fully online learning version as well.

Return on Education

  • Insight and practice in various new essential leadership competencies
  • Awareness on how to become a leader of the future respecting intergenerational justice and legacy
  • Experiencing new ways to transform yourself into a more holistic, healthy, grounded, productive and integrated leader accepting the feeling of uncertainty and ambiguity

What are you going to do?

This deep and intense program is fundamentally different from other programs in terms of resetting your perspective on the fundamentals of life and business with a global group of top level thought leaders and practitioners. From the source by people who breathe it, everyday.

From day 1 every moment will be horizontal and open. Participants are co-creators. We don’t believe in vertical relationships, broadcasting and overly rigidly structured schedules.

Review and re-experience your own assumptions

Based on first principles thinking you will review and re-experience your own assumptions about yourself, other people, leadership and nature. This means we will dive into personal transformation, a complete overview of the principles we can learn from nature and ecology to be applied systemically in leadership and business, the value and values of ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures, redefining human nature and finding your true purpose, in that order. All scientifically grounded and practically translated. Without a shift in these fundamentals topics like digital transformation, governance, innovation and ESG will be harder to implement effectively. The fundamentals are our signature dish on our menu.

Develop future-proof competencies which are essential in any leadership context

Additionally, this program is about developing new and future-proof meta competencies which are increasingly essential in any leadership context. Examples are alignment & awareness, self love, courage, imagination, resilience, curiosity, compassion and intuitive decision making. These are more feminine and children focused intergenerational qualities with a strong focus on our hearts instead of just our minds.

Finally, with your fundamentals revisited enabling and boosting the efficacy of your new heart-focused competencies you are in a different position to start evaluating and using cutting edge art, technologies, organizational innovation and the future of work, in that order. Ethical with impact. Combining head and heart in a grounded and systemic way.



We believe exploring and redefining our foundations makes us all more impactful, both privately and professionally. This means diving into our core assumptions about who we are as human beings, how we relate to other humans, nature and the cosmos and what are the implications for leadership and organizations?



After exploring foundations, we will learn and embody qualities of future leadership. These qualities can be characterized as integrating feminine and masculine, child-like state of being with future responsible maturity. They include alignment, purpose, self love, compassion, courage, curiosity, imagination, intuition and play/joy. These qualities are increasingly expected within leadership positions besides the traditional left brain qualities. Which qualities are most important for you to explore and deepen?



Creations are most impactful when we have internalized new foundations as well as new qualities. Creation ideally starts with art (imagination, ethics, values) followed by emerging technologies, organizational models as well as emerging work / job / role definitions. Which dimensions of creation have the most impact on your work and organization and what are key areas to deepen yourself?


Robert Jan Blomme

Rob Blomme is Head of Faculty and a Full Professor of Organization Behavior at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. His main research concerns psychological, sociological and institutional aspects of organizational behavior. Apart from his research, his teaching covers a wide range of courses in Organ...

Sharda Nandram

Dr. Sharda S. Nandram is Associate Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit within the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship. Her topics of interest are Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Organizational Innovation and Indian Leadership.   Sharda has two bachelors and two masters’ degree...

André Nijhof

André Nijhof (1969) is full professor in the fields of Sustainable Business and Stewardship. André is passionate about meaningful work: "But what makes our work meaningful? When we feel it contributes to something bigger than us. Or more concrete, when our work step by step improves the balance b...

Leen Paape

Leen Paape is Dean of Nyenrode Business Universiteit and a member of the University Board. He was appointed Professor of Accounting Information Systems, specializing in risk management, in 2007. He is frequently asked to speak at national and international conferences and regularly chairs session...

Jaap Schaveling

Dr. Jaap Schaveling (Dutch, 1956) is associate professor Leadership & Cooperation. He teaches Cooperation on team, organization and inter-organizational level, Social Psychology, Organizational Dynamics and Leadership. As a business coach he facilitates the management teams of various compani...

Désirée Van Gorp

What Désirée van Gorp drives, is the combination of education, research and working with companies and the interaction with her students and alumni. Désirée is teaching in BSc, MSc, Executive MBA, Full time MBA, Modular MBA and various EEOD programs. She is proud of her teaching efforts resulting...

Danielle Zandee

Danielle Zandee is Professor of Sustainable Organizational Development at Nyenrode. Together with professor Anke van Hal she is the academic leader of the Nyenrode Center for Sustainability. She received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University.  Danielle studies ...

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Breath in Leadership at Nyenrode Business University

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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