Available dates

Nov 27—29, 2019
3 days
Dublin, Ireland
EUR 2075 ≈USD 2298
EUR 691 per day


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About the course

A results-driven programme for ambitious Sales Managers & Directors

Sales managers are among the most accountable in the entire organisation. It is essential that they have all the tools and skills required to succeed.

While organisations have been investing in training and technology for sales people, they have under invested in developing their sales managers. For example of the $4-6 billion spent annually on sales training globally, less than 5% of that is spent on training sales managers. Yet, few today would argue that the highest payback of any sales performance initiative is to be derived from investing in skills and capabilities of sales managers.

As a sales manager, your success depends on your ability to get each person on your team to perform to their fullest potential. That requires the ongoing development of your own leadership skills. This programme will help you to boost the effectiveness of your one-to-one meetings with salespeople and sales team meetings. It will also help you to leverage performance reviews, coaching and other similar techniques.


In this programme, you will:

  • Identify the sales performance improvement priority area which is capable of delivering an extra 5-15% in sales for your organisation
  • Map the performance and potential of your sales team.
  • Speed test of your strategy, as well as your sales process.
  • Create a road map for improved performance management among your team- for short term and long term gain.
  • Benchmark your team against industry best performance.

Programme Design:

Day 1 – Breakthrough Sales Performance

  • Take stock of your sales organisation, including key accelerators and inhibitors of its sales performance
  • Assess your sales team, sales process and sales strategy
  • Set a goal for performance improvement in a key area over the next quarter

Day 2 – Breakthrough Team Performance

  • Map your sales team in terms of its performance relative to industry norms
  • Explore strategies for improving sales performance
  • Manage any areas of under-performance

Day 3 – Breakthrough Sales Leadership

  • Take stock of the various aspects of your role as sales manager
  • Analyse how you spend your time
  • Key sales priorities and the levers used to drive performance

Who should attend

  • Sales Managers , Sales Directors, Sales Vice Presidents
  • Business development managers
  • Heads of sales and marketing, National sales manager, and seasoned regional sales managers.
  • Company Owners

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