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SIM Professional Development

Break Through Your Communication Barriers !

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Next dates

May 8—9
2 days
SGD 866 ≈USD 638
SGD 433 per day
Oct 9—10
2 days
SGD 866 ≈USD 638
SGD 433 per day



Effective communication has been proven to increase the possibilities of happier cooperative workers, more efficiency, higher quality output, satisfied customers and increased rewards. Poor communication can be destructive and even ruin organisations. What got in the way - a behaviour, habit, belief or other factors you may not even know? Any tool you learn cannot be effective until you understand and change the limiting factor. This practical programme uncovers what does and does not work about your communication in an experimental manner and helps measures your improvement.

Benefits to You

Communication is the key to successful organisations. Exploring the issues you face day to day, learning new ways to deal with them and experiencing different ways to achieve results will lead to improved colleague and customer relationships, motivation, energy and outcomes.

• Identify communication issues you and fellow participants regularly face and learn new strategies to deal with them

• Understand yourself and relate to different personalities you encounter

• Increase your confidence by working on what inhibits you

• Learn new ways to achieve desired outcome and consolidate your new approach

Programme Outline

This programme will be adapted to meet participants’ requirements based on pre-course questions.

• Analysis of case studies provided by participants

• Feedback from participants on your participation

• Understanding common breakdowns in communication

• Long term impact of unresolved issues

• What causes your communication issues and ways to handle them

• What is anger and how to handle it

The facilitator will ask you for permission to challenge you if he deems it necessary to help you break through.

As part of the training and learning during this course, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done.

Who should attend

(Level 1) Admin & Support

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executives & Emerging Managers

(Level 3) New Managers

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