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Who should attend

  • Creative and design directors
  • Brand managers and strategists
  • CMOs and heads of marketing
  • Graphic, digital and packaging designers
  • Professionals who are passionate about branding

About the course

A series of Branding Masterclasses specially created for experienced branding professionals, creative and design directors. From fresh approaches to brand strategy to building a B Corp design agency – you will learn tools, frameworks and fresh case studies from the leading creative directors in London.

If you are tired of basic webinars and theoretical courses, welcome to the place where content is carefully curated to give you the maximum inspiration and learning. Boost your branding and strategy skills by learning from the top people in the industry and hearing how they think, create and lead.

You will learn

  • Where to find brand purpose and build a future-focused strategy
  • How to use motion design to enhance brand personality
  • How to write your brand story
  • What you need to understand about custom fonts and emotional typography
  • How to translate branding into the digital environment
  • What big clients look at when selecting a branding agency
  • How becoming a B Corp can change your approach to branding
  • How to stay relevant as a brand beyond the trends



Get behind-the-scenes access to the top design agencies and hear how they approach branding, what frameworks they use and how they work with big clients


We carefully curated all content to make it inspiring and applicable. All PDF presentations are available for you to keep.


No need to wait! All masterclasses are available to enjoy right now. Whether you prefer to binge-watch or saviour the experience and watch them at your own pace in your own time – the choice is yours.



Designing with purpose built-in, not tacked on

From being B Corp certified to donating 1% of their profit to 1% For The Planet, Accept & Proceed is a creative studio that has purpose built right at its very core. But does being purpose driven truly benefit brands and businesses alike? Creative Director Matthew Jones will discuss the importance of building purpose from the very core of your brand through to how you bring it to life for your consumers. From branding the UK’s first data rights agency AWO of Cambridge Analytica fame to developing Nike’s global Houses of Innovation, Matthew will discuss how creating for change and not just for purpose’s sake can truly elevate your brand, and how you can find yours.

  • About Matthew and Accept & Proceed
  • Designing with Purpose: What does it really mean to have a brand purpose
  • Triangulate Method: How to run strategic workshops with clients to come-up with breakthrough ideas
  • Case Study: Nike House of Innovation
  • Living Business Plan: How to make a great studio above and beyond just money


Type in Branding

Why are typefaces such a valuable brand asset? Dalton Maag creates type for branding, retail, and corporate clients that perform beautifully across print and digital environments. Exploring our emotional reaction to type, Bianca Berning will take us through a interactive masterclass to demonstrate how they connect the dots between type and branding.

  • About Bianca and Dalton Maag
  • How to leverage custom fonts to build your brand recognition
  • What you you need to know if you want to invest into type and typography
  • Case Study: Nokia
  • How type affects emotions and how to use it effectively


What's your story?

Join Rob Self-Pierson as he reveals how to create and tell a story that moves your audience and inspires deeper connections. In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, Rob will share how the most successful storytellers—from Hemingway to Honda—win attention, provoke emotion and leave people wanting more. Prepare for a steep dive into character, conflict, action and transformation.

Photo credit: AGDA/VERB/Jason de Plater

  • About Rob and his journey
  • What’s a brand story and why should people care about it?
  • How to create a brand story in 4 steps
  • How to bring stories to life


With the growing need for brand expression across myriad platforms, BUCK is consistently being asked to provide systemic thinking for illustration, design, and, most importantly, for motion. Our brand work goes beyond the typical touch points of look and feel to structure how brands come to life through movement. Ben and Marla will share how systemic brand thinking can cross cultural boundaries to define the world’s most impactful illustration and motion languages.

  • About BUCK
  • Why motion is the missing piece
  • Teaching clients how to fish
  • Put it all in writing
  • Case Study: Facebook Toolkit


How teams can work together to build stronger brands

Drawing from his 30 years of experience leading design both agency and client side, Jeremy brings to life the fundamentals of building great relationships, pitfalls to avoid and the results that can be delivered. Exploring Diageo’s rich catalogue of brands and award winning work this session dispels the myth of the lone genius creative and demonstrates how to put together dream teams, that ideas come from surprising sources, how to collaborate with humility and the tenacity needed to get to the best outcome.

  • About Diageo
  • Myths About Design & Relationships
  • How Diageo selects creative agencies to work with
  • Building Business Relationships Model
  • Case Study: Tanqueray


Studio Output: Branding with character

In a connected world, your brand is whatever your audience is interacting with. Every experience should be powerful, rewarding and memorable - for brands to cut through we believe a focused core idea needs to be supported by a unique personality, woven through any moment in any experience. Johanna will share how she approaches translating branding into digital world and how to think about UX through the brand lens.

  • About studio output and their process
  • Case study: Pottermore
  • Helping brands adapt and thrive
  • Case Study: Mixcloud
  • What is the future of design


How can legacy brands ensure they have a future?

Jones Knowles Ritchie has been reigniting some of the world’s most well-known brands for over 30 years. From Budweiser to Burger King, Dunkin’ to Heinz, Snickers to The National Lottery – but how do you ensure these legacy brands stay relevant for today? Executive Creative Director Sean Thomas shares how JKR designs brands that stay true to their core but continually evolve to engage consumers through identity and experience.

  • JKR's Philosophy and Approach
  • Start with HOW, not WHY
  • Case Study: Budweiser – first rebrand
  • Case Study: Budweiser – second rebrand
  • Case Study: Hippeas
  • Case Study: The National Lottery


Ekaterina Solomeina

Ekaterina is a designer, innovator and a TEDx speaker. For the past 14 years, Ekaterina has worked with the top design and innovation companies around the world Coca-Cola, Versace, Samsung, IBM and Microsoft helping to grow brands, developing design teams and creating new digital products.

Jeremy Lindley

Jeremy is passionate about the way design can connect on an emotional level with consumers and about consistently delivering the highest standards of ideas and execution. He is responsible for Design across Diageo’s current brands and new products worldwide. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society fo...

Bianca Berning

As a creative based at the intersection of typography, type design and technology I see myself responsible for amplifying the messages of written communication. Within my current role as creative director at font foundry Dalton Maag I enjoy getting to the core of a company’s culture and helping t...

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is Creative Director, and a partner at the award-winning East London design studio Accept & Proceed. With global client base, they work across a large variety of industries from sport and fashion to luxury goods and technology; they are renowned for producing thoughtful work a...

Sean Thomas

Sean oversees the creative output in London, including ABInbev, Costa, Hippeas, Mars,The Diana Award and The Gut Stuff. He inspires his team to dig deep to find what makes a brand unique. He received a BA with honors in graphic design from Norwich School of Art and Design and began his career at...

Marla Moore

I specialize in bridging human-centered strategies with systems design to make meaningful brand experiences. My experience and contributions range from creative strategy and direction to systems, UI/UX, and brand design across a variety of organizations both global and local. Currently working ...

Johanna Drewe

Johanna is an inspirational leader and a thoughtful, inquisitive Creative Director. Her knowledge of branding combines with an understanding of the digital landscape, to create unique and powerful brand experiences which reach deep into products. She leads the creative team on a mission to push...

Rob Self-Pierson

Rob Self-Peirson is a writer and brand consultant based in London, UK. He is the founder and head of The Table, an agency devoted to tone of voice and copywriting. He’s worked with the likes of GumTree, British Gas, IKEA, V&A and has a fierce love of design and a desire to see designers and w...

Benjamin Langsfeld

Experience BUCK Executive Creative Director Mar 2021 – New York, United States Group Creative Director Jan 2020 – New York, United States Creative Director Dec 2015 – New York Associate Creative Director 2012 – New York Art Director Apr 2004 – Aug 2012 New York Eneone Partner and Creativ...

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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