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Branding Essentials Certificate Program

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About the course

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, innovate your products, business model or communications plan, or preparing to launch a social media campaign, the Branding Essentials Certificate Program will help you achieve your goals. This five-week program will teach you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of branding and provide you with a hands-on opportunity to apply your knowledge to build or revitalize a brand.

This program includes exercises to leverage consumer insights, develop positioning statements and create engaging brands. You will discover how brand fundamentals can drive internal culture and decisions, innovation plans and external branding as well as advertising. This course will include key concepts, frameworks and models that can be applied to consumer brands, B2B brands and global brands.

Branding Essentials is taught by Anne-Michele Harrington, a veteran of Global Fortune 500 CPG companies and founder of Spark 19, a Chicago based brand strategy boutique.


  • Learn the fundamentals of branding and how they drive business growth.
  • Understand what makes a brand successful.
  • Identify key factors to consider in branding B2C, B2B and global products and services.
  • Learn how branding can build a strong foundation for social media and communication plans, innovations and strong corporate cultures.
  • Gain hands on experience building or revitalizing a brand.


Week 1—What is Branding?

  • What is branding and how does it drive growth?
  • Brand strategy vs business strategy
  • Branding & Marketing: How are they different and how do they fit together?

Week 2—Consumer Behavior and Insights

  • Defining the target audience
  • Consumers vs customers
  • Core consumers vs growth consumers
  • The role of consumer needs, wants and behaviors

Week 3—Bringing Distinct Brands to Life

  • Building distinctive brands
  • Building brand resonance
  • Bringing your brand to life in market: Channels and Communications
  • Branding as a strong foundation for social media

Week 4—Brand Extensions & Architecture

  • Branding and corporate culture
  • Branding and innovation strategy
  • Branding and social missions
  • Measuring the impact of your branding

Week 5—Global Brands & Group presentations

  • Creating globally consistent brands
  • Expanding brands to new markets
  • Group presentations

Who should attend

This certificate program is designed for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of branding as a business growth driver. It should also appeal to owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone preparing to launch a social media campaign.

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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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