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Finance short courses with UCT and GetSmarter

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May 6—Jul 8
ZAR 13500 ≈USD 934




Effective bookkeepers are invaluable to an organisation, helping to determine performance and maintain financial clarity and stability.

Get the bookkeeping training you need to master the basics of bookkeeping like inventory control, tax, journals, ledgers and registers with this online Bookkeeping course from UCT.

On the nine weeks of this online bookkeeping course you’ll get bookkeeping certification of your newfound skills, and gain the ability to make a meaningful impact in any business.

What will set you apart

Earn bookkeeping certification and get your expertise recognised with this UCT online bookkeeping course, as you gain the bookkeeping training and confidence to:

  • Track revenue, outgoings and forecast profitable solutions
  • Compile accurate and reliable financial reports and become essential to business development
  • Interpret faster and organise better financial information within any organisation
  • Implement tax, VAT and payroll processes and keep control of inventories and financial transactions

Course curriculum

The University of Cape Town online bookkeeping course will give you the financial management skills and bookkeeping training to become indispensable in your industry. With a personalised and supported framework, you’ll study in your own time, guided by industry experts and a dedicated support team. Here’s what you’ll cover:

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: The basics of bookkeeping
  • Course Module 2: Inventory control
  • Course Module 3: Value added tax
  • Course Module 4: Journals - part one
  • Course Module 5: Journals - part two
  • Course Module 6: The general ledger
  • Course Module 7: Debtors and creditors
  • Course Module 8: Bank reconciliations
  • Course Module 9: Statutory returns, wages and salary registers


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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