Blockchain for Business

The London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science


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Who should attend

  • Senior executives and business leaders charged with understanding the applicability of blockchain technologies and assessing the potential opportunities for their organisation.
  • Leaders of research and development or innovation.
  • Senior managers working in financial services, high-tech companies, startups, large transaction organisations. logistics or blockchain providers.
  • Public sector executives or regulators.
  • Operational managers seeking insight into how blockchain can transform process redesign, workflow, privacy and auditability.
  • Innovators and forward-thinking practitioners working at the coalface of development and looking to future-proof their skills.
  • No technical experience is necessary to take this course.

All LSE executive education participants are required to have:

  • Fluency in English
  • A good undergraduate degree or significant work experience in a relevant role(s). Minimum two years’ professional experience. Typically our participants have more than ten years’ work experience

About the course

Master, deploy and fully leverage the transformational power of blockchain technologies across your business.

Blockchain is poised to revolutionise the way businesses perform, log and protect the security of their transactions at scale. Getting ahead of the game as an early adopter will future-proof you and your business, securing an irreversible market advantage in the longer term.

To harness the power of blockchain you need to grips with the technology, understand its potential and build an actionable road map for you and your business.

Blockchain for Business empowers you with the understanding, frameworks and practical tools to leverage this transformational technology and position your organisation at the forefront of innovation. Highly practical yet grounded in the latest research, the course is enriched by insights from leading-edge practitioners and extensive use of real-world case studies. Learning is accelerated through hands-on sessions on the practical application of technology that address your specific business challenges, and the dynamic interchange of ideas and perspectives with a broad range of fellow business leaders and change-makers.

You emerge with the strategic decision-making capabilities, the future-proof technical and managerial insights, and the innovation mindset to formulate dynamic action plans that drive real value for yourself and your business.

Learning outcomes:

  • Master the technologies behind blockchain and explore their application in the business context.
  • Understand how emerging blockchain and cryptotoken ecosystems are set to impact economies, finance, government, regulation and business.
  • See how these technologies can be harnessed across different sectors, functions and activities.
  • Spot the relevant opportunities and build the business case for blockchain applications in your business.
  • Construct an actionable road map for your organisation through a structured executive sprint-action planning session.

Why this course and why now?

  • Blockchain technologies are still young and are evolving rapidly with enormous growing potential for business and consumers. To leverage competitive advantage, leaders need to fully understand this technology and its application in the business context.
  • Blockchain has the potential to transform the privacy, automation and transparency of transactions and processes, and to do so at scale while reducing costs. Harnessing this potential for innovation means first building a solid knowledge base and understanding the detail in order to operationalise it.
  • Blockchain is not going to go away. Building blockchain into your strategy now will drive long-term early-adopter advantage for you and your organisation as early adopters giving you an irreversible lead over the competition. And equipping you to leverage new opportunities as blockchain continues to evolve.

Course structure and content

Monday: Understanding the technology

  • How it began and the blockchain landscape: size of the market, geographies and major players.
  • Not one technology but many: key business protocols and how they work.
  • Design principles: security, privacy, preservation of rights.
  • Business application framework: challenges and solutions in integration and implementation.

Tuesday: Applying blockchain in traditional business contexts

  • To disrupt or sustain: How is blockchain being applied to drive value for business across sectors, enterprises and business models?
  • When is blockchain the answer? Ideal use cases and criteria: blockchain vs. traditional distributed databases.
  • Action principles for managing blockchain for business value.
  • Creating an action plan for your business: initial thoughts and faculty input.

Wednesday: Blockchain and radical business innovation

  • How can blockchain services, platforms and infrastructures innovate distributed business models?
  • Analysis of case studies, including crypto-tokens, crowdfunded ICO startups, smart contracts and eco-system resource exchanges, to inform innovation in your business or work.
  • Guest lecture by Professor Mary Lacity, Walton Professor of Information Systems and Director of Blockchain Centre of Excellence at the University of Arkansas.
  • Action plan session 1: mapping your company’s digital landscape and identifying problems for blockchain to address.

Thursday: Risks, return and regulation

  • The business case for a blockchain application: learn how to identify and manage risks, problems and challenges and how to assess likely business value.
  • Organisational implementation challenges and emerging solutions: build stakeholder buy-in and senior leadership support.
  • Reviewing shared governance models and understanding the regulatory environment.
  • Action plan session 2: Brainstorming opportunities and challenges, designing digital ecosystems and platforms that leverage blockchain.

Friday: The future of blockchain – developments, directions and challenges

  • Where is it all going? Expert analysis of emerging core uses and new areas.
  • What are the risks, challenges and solutions?
  • Action plan session 3: Designing a blockchain solution and building a paper-prototype. A collective Dragon’s Den for peer feedback.
  • Summary & evaluation.


Carsten Sørensen

Experience Keywords business innovation with information technology; cloud computing; communication technology; computer supported co-operative and collaborative work; computer-mediated interruptions; enterprise mobility; informatics; information and interaction overload; information services inn...

Leslie Willcocks

Professor Willcocks has a worldwide reputation for his research and advisory work on automation, digital business, the future of work, IT and business process outsourcing, organisational change, management, and global strategy. As well as being a professor in the Information Systems and Innovati...

Will Venters

Dr Venters has an international reputation for his work in distributed systems development, Grid and Cloud Computing and Knowledge Management. He holds a doctorate from the University of Salford, and a first-class degree in computer science from the University of Manchester. He has researched the...

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Blockchain for Business at The London School of Economics and Political Science

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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