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About the course

Blockchain is a radical new technology with the potential to disrupt a wide range of businesses and industries. Although many organizations have begun to use it to bring efficiencies and cost savings to their processes, this only scratches the surface of its true potential. Managers who fail to comprehend its full range of applications risk being left behind.

This workshop will help you keep ahead of the curve by exploring the applications and opportunities of blockchain and similar technologies from a business (non-technical) perspective. Understand how these new technologies could disrupt and transform your business and industry. Engage in an interactive session to design your own blockchain-based solution to a business problem of your choosing.


  • Obtain a comprehensive, non-technical understanding of what blockchain is and how it works
  • Gain insights into how blockchain could affect the future of your organization and industry
  • Assess the opportunities and threats that blockchain technologies could present
  • See how blockchain technologies can create profoundly new ways to organize your business and enable new assets and markets
  • Understand how blockchain can enhance trust, transparency, privacy and security in an array of business processes
  • Acquire a set of lenses to critically evaluate blockchain-based solutions, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets
  • Comprehend how blockchain is emerging in parallel with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, and how these could be combined in future to enable further disruptive applications

Course Content

  • Functionalities, strengths and limitations of blockchain technologies (non-technical)
  • How blockchain enables distributed trust, and why this is important for individuals, organizations, industries and national economies
  • The differences between public, open-source blockchains and permissioned, industrial blockchains
  • Smart contracts and their applications
  • Digital tokens, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings
  • Exposure to a broad range of use cases that illustrate the emerging and potential applications of blockchain technologies
  • How blockchain intersects with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to enable new ways of organizing and creating value
  • The long-term implications of distributed trust, and how organizations can plan for these today
  • Workshop: analyzing how blockchain could disrupt existing industries and business models; designing your own blockchain-based business solution

Special Feature

In the morning session, you will explore the functionalities, existing and emerging applications, and the advantages and limitations of blockchains across multiple domains. In the afternoon, you will break into small workgroups to analyze an industry of your choosing. You will discuss how blockchain technologies could disrupt a variety of processes, conceptualize new business models and applications that could emerge, and consider what you can do now to prepare.

Who should attend

This workshop is ideal for non-technical business leaders interested in understanding and identifying blockchain opportunities, including:

  • Heads of strategy and innovation
  • Business professionals who rely on global sourcing of products and services
  • Business professionals operating in, or interested in harnessing, multisided markets
  • Entrepreneurs looking to integrate blockchain into their organization

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Christopher Rowell

Chris is currently following the emergence of the blockchain field in British Columbia and more broadly, and is especially interested in the organizational and strategic implications of distributed trust. He is enthusiastic about how blockchain (and other distributed trust technologies) can enabl...


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