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About the course

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally transform not just the world’s idea of financial transactions but the very nature in which business is conducted. In fact, it has the potential to transform the foundations of our economic systems.

Despite the far-reaching potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies there remains a level of uncertainty around their value, applications, regulations, investment implications and impact. This programme clarifies these very uncertainties, demystifying the blockchain ecosystem for participants, and helping them gain fluency in how to work with digital assets.

Anchored in peer-discussions and active engagement with existing platforms built on blockchain technology, this programme’s interactive nature is a definite highlight.


A deep understanding of blockchain technology, its benefits, and vulnerabilities

  • Exploring the applications of blockchain technology across an array of industries
  • Familiarising yourself with what cryptocurrencies are
  • How trustless decentralised networks are autonomously maintained
  • How to evaluate whitepapers, purported use cases, and value propositions of new and existing coins
  • The current market structure for the trade of cryptocurrencies
  • The current regulatory environment of cryptocurrencies and ICOs across the world

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