Big Data and AI in Marketing

SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management


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Who should attend

  • Mid- to senior-level marketing professionals who want to be on the leading-edge of marketing practice in order to create more value for their organization.
  • Marketing, management, or business consultants who want to help their clients navigate the shifting terrain of marketing technologies.
  • Managers from marketing and communication agencies who want to include these new practices in their clients’ campaigns.
  • Non-marketing leaders seeking to explore latest marketing technologies and strategies for building customer engagement that impact growth. Titles may include CEO, CXO, managing director, founder, president and general manager.

About the course

Create more value for your organization by leveraging data to forecast, evaluate, and customize your marketing activities.

Marketers Need to Embrace Technology. Here’s Your Roadmap.

Having gigabytes of data is a double-edged sword. It can serve as one of your biggest assets, or one of your biggest headaches. With so much noise out there, marketers need to embrace new technology that actually drives efficiency, productivity, and sales.

There’s no shortage of shiny new things to distract the modern marketer, but the experts at SDA Bocconi School of Management distill their research and real-world insights into this eight-week online experience. Learn how data-driven marketing methods can support your digital transformation.

How You’ll Learn

The program is completely online to allow for flexibility and minimal impact on your work/life balance. Unlike most distance learning courses, you will have regular interaction with the faculty and other participants, making for a very engaging experience.

  • Two live, interactive weekly sessions with Bocconi faculty and their featured guest speakers at 6 PM CET (90 minutes for each session; 16 total sessions over 8 weeks)
  • Moderated discussions and peer collaboration

What You’ll Be Working On

Learn how to use big data to

  • Predict market trends
  • Decide the strategies and practices of marketing and communication
  • Evaluate the effects of marketing actions in an analytical and structured way
  • Customize offers to current customers and prospects
  • Automate the marketing process to increase optimization and efficiency
  • Integrate your marketing decisions with data science and IT teams practice

Session Topics

Over the course of eight weeks, you will engage with SDA Bocconi faculty and their esteemed guests to delve into the following topics.

Module 1: Digital Transformation, New Marketing, and New Business Models

Explore the context of Big Data and AI in Marketing, and illustrate the reasons why data has become so strategic for marketing management.

Module 2: The Role of Data in Marketing: From Market Research to Big Data

Explain the role of data in marketing, and how this role and the data-related methods have changed. Explain the relationship between big and small data today.

Module 3: Principles and Systems of Analytics Management

Define and describe marketing analytics. Explain how we manage these systems, in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in analytics strategy and operations.

Module 4: Big Data and AI, Scenarios, and Trends

Identify the major trends for big data and AI technologies, discussing the impact of different technological scenarios on business.

Module 5: Advanced Analytics in Marketing

Describe the major applications of big data and AI in the different areas of marketing, and discuss how these advanced marketing analytics are changing not only how we do marketing but also how we do business.

Module 6: From Listening to Decisions with Big and Small Data

Show how big data (integrated with small data) can be used to learn from the markets and to support decisions in marketing.

Module 7: When Marketing and Data Science Meet: Cases and Best Practices

Explore best practices in different areas of big data and AI in marketing, and discuss how in these projects data science and marketing worked together to find the best solutions.

Module 8: The New Customer Experience: Augmented, Adaptive, Integrated

Study recent trends in digital experience management, which places a special emphasis on using omnichannel and integrated customer data and machine learning to be able to improve the quality of customer experience.

Module 9: Advanced Analytics for Social Media

Discuss the role of big data and machine learning in social media management and marketing.

Module 10: Advanced Analytics for Influence Management

Explore how big data and AI technologies and influence management automation help identify and manage the relevant influencers for the brand, including the new creators in the User Generated Content approach.

Module 11: Programmatic Advertising and Proximity Marketing

Explain the role of data in the advertising processes that have become programmatic, based on an automated match between demand and offer of advertising. Explore how this applies to location-based data in proximity marketing.

Module 12: From Data to Services, Servitization, and Beyond

Discuss why and how data is not only the base for decision making but it is also a service in itself. Explore how the recent trend toward service-dominant marketing, which transforms all products into services, is powered by big data and AI technologies.

Module 13: Content Optimization and Automation

Illustrate how big data and AI support content strategies, creation and distribution.

Module 14: Conversational Marketing and Voice Marketing

Learn how marketing (and the relationship between brands, consumers, and digital intermediaries) change with voice assistants and Natural Language Processing technologies.

Module 15: The Issue of Quality in Data-Driven Marketing

Examine the major barriers in big data and AI projects success, discuss the limits of these technology-based marketing, and explore possible solutions.

Module 16: Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Describe and discuss the complexity of big data and AI-based projects, offering evidence and solutions from research.

Live sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM Central European Time (CET). All sessions will be recorded. For full session schedule, please download the brochure.


Andreina Mandelli

Andreina's background is interdisciplinary. She has extensive experience covering different technical and managerial positions, in various sectors of activities, before embracing her academic career in marketing. Her first area of expertise was in software development and design of complex IT pro...

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Big Data and AI in Marketing at SDA Bocconi School of Management

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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