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Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (ai) – Strategic and Actionable Insights

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About the course

Big Data technologies have made it possible for companies to obtain newer and deeper insights into market behavior trends and preferences compared to what traditional analytics provided. With increase in the volume, variety and velocity of data being stored, collectively known as 3Vs, a large number of new data science techniques for carrying out predictive analytics on them have been developed. This program sensitizes participants on how companies can harness the potential of Big Data analytics to make more informed decisions, conduct various activities in radically different ways and create value and business growth. The program enables participants to diagnose business problems captured in structured and unstructured data, conduct in-depth analysis of the external as well as the internal environment and understand how best to generate strategic business insights that leverage Big Data analytics. It introduces participants to Big Data technologies like predictive analytics, information retrieval, Hadoop, MapReduce, etc. The program aims to raise awareness of participants about the challenges of leadership in visioning and managing Big Data projects and creating sustainable impact on a firm’s operations and performance.


The key objectives of the program are:

  • Know what is Big Data and how business analytics can make use of Big Data for creating value.
  • Determine how Big Data analytics can generate actionable insights for firms.
  • Understand how firms can leverage structured and unstructured data through analytics for effective decision making.
  • Learn analytics tools and techniques for storing and analyzing Big Data in real-time.
  • Learn about the challenges faced by leadership in visioning and executing Big Data projects for ROI.
  • Develop an understanding of global best practices in Big Data analytics.


  • Day 1: The changing world of business and growing importance of analytics-driven real-time insights to support strategic decision making for gaining competitive advantage.
  • Day 2: Understanding how companies use technology to generate big insights from Big Data through case studies in finance, operations, marketing, and human resources.
  • Day 3: Structured and unstructured data analytics tools and techniques like SPSS/SAS.
  • Day 4: Execution strategies for Big Data using Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark.
  • Day 5: Leadership and organizational challenges for transforming organizations through Big Data analytics.


This program will consist of lectures, case studies, and team based exercises. The lectures will include conceptual knowledge delivery about the topic, and focus on key definitions, foundations, and challenges faced in Big Data analytics. The lectures will be supplemented with videos, and discussion of current events. This will be followed by discussion on current business practice and issues involved in those practice. To understand the concepts learnt during the lectures better, real-life case studies will be discussed as well. Participants will be prompted to share their knowledge and experience about the particular topic, and come up with meaningful and reasonable decisions to solve the dilemmas faced by the organizations depicted in the case studies. The decisions will tie up concepts related to technology, strategy, execution, management, and assessment of Big Data analytics and help participants understand its benefits.

Who should attend

The program is designed for those engaged at middle and senior management levels in organizations and who are interested in creating a blueprint of a Big Data strategy for their company. The course will cover managerial as well as technical content assuming that participants will play the role of leaders driving Big Data projects in their firms.

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Indranil Bose

Dr. Indranil Bose is Full Professor of Management Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Presently he is Co-ordinator of the Case Research Center at IIMC. He has acted as Founding Chairperson of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics, Co-ordinator of the MIS grou...


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