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Best Practices in Strategy Execution: Method + Mindset

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Dec 4, 2019
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
CAD 825 ≈USD 621
CAD 825 per day


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About the course

It is estimated that 90% of strategies that fail falter in implementation. Most leaders start out with the best of intentions, but before too long, focus, energy and confidence can start to wane. Strategy execution has to compete for resources and attention with the demands of running the business. Unless you have prepared for this, the urgency of the day-to-day will always win out.

The Four Keys to Successful Strategy Execution

Masters of implementation know there are no tricks or fancy techniques that will do the heavy lifting for them. The key to successful implementation of strategy lies in being:

  • Organized – there is a plan to follow and a schedule to keep everyone on track – 70% of companies with a formal execution system report outperforming their peer group.
  • Committed – leaders throughout the organization believe in the strategy and contribute all that is required of them and their business units.
  • Disciplined – follow-through is expected and recognized. Deviations from the plan are noticed, analyzed and addressed.
  • Agile – adjustments are made to adapt to changes and faulty assumptions. Flexibility and learning are the necessary complement to being organized and disciplined.

Learning Objectives

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The 7 keys to successful strategy execution
  • A practical and effective 4 phase method for orchestrating and managing the strategy execution process, based on the experience of the most successful organizations
  • The major challenges and dilemmas of implementation and how to tackle them
  • Strategy execution leadership roles and requirements including: design, governance, coaching and problem solving

Applied Learning Design

The seminar creatively combines theory and application to enrich the learning experience and ensure that participants acquire a practical understanding of the strategy execution process. Seminar design includes:

  • Best-practice ideas and models for what works
  • Easy to apply methods and tools for organizing and leading implementation
  • Assessment of organizational preparedness for strategy execution
  • Application of analytic and design tools to each participants’ own organization

Who should attend

  • Senior and mid-level managers
  • Strategic and business planners
  • Consultants interested in increasing successful implementation of strategic planning efforts

Trust the experts

Alex Lowy

Alex Lowy consults widely as a strategic advisor and educator, helping organizations around the world address major dilemmas in a systematic and effective manner. His clients have included technology firms (HP, IBM), banks (CIBC, BMO) resources companies (Shell) and government (Province of Ontari...


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