Becoming the Leader That Others Want to Follow – Essential Skills for Building Engagement, Teamwork, and Results

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Sep 17, 2020
San Francisco, California, United States
USD 475
USD 475 per day
Oct 14, 2020
Dallas, Texas, United States
USD 475
USD 475 per day
Oct 21, 2020
Columbus, Ohio, United States
USD 475
USD 475 per day


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About the course

Leaders are challenged to not only recruit and select top talent but also to retain their best in an environment of uncertainty and change. As 'A players' search for the best companies - and continually hone their resumes - a key strategy to retain them is to fully engage them. This session will share the state of engagement in today's workplaces including how each generation views work and their place in it. Strategies and techniques will include enhancing your leadership acumen, building effective and trusting teams, engaging all generations of employees by understanding their needs and maintaining your personal resilience to be the very best leader that you can be.

Time Allocation - Topics

15% Embracing the leadership challenge

  • What true engagement looks like
  • Factors that affect engagement
  • Leadership that is required

25% Understanding the generational cohorts

  • How each generation views work
  • Millennials rising
  • Closing the generational leadership gap
  • Techniques to leverage generations

25% Building your leadership acumen

  • Assessing your core strengths
  • Taking a pulse on engagement
  • Utilizing leadership best practices
  • Job aids to enhance your leadership

25% Building and sustaining effective teams

  • Lencioni's five behaviors of an effective team
  • Developing trust within your team
  • Team-building tools for application

10% Keeping yourself resilient

  • Your response to change and uncertainty
  • Knowing when your tank needs refueling
  • Weighing in on your team's stamina
  • Techniques to de-stress and unwind


Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Communication, Empathy, Interpersonal Relations, Motivation

Secondary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Use of Authority, Delegation, Direction, Coordination, Guidance, Discipline, Meeting Schedules

Tertiary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Problem Identification, Evaluating Alternative Solutions

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Jeanne Porter King

Dr. Porter King is the Founder and Principal of the TransPorter Consulting Group, LLC, and an inspirational teacher and speaker. Dr. Porter King received both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, the Master...


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