Becoming Indispensable: Transforming Into a Game Changer

American Management Association

American Management Association


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Who should attend

Professionals with more than five years of work experience, a track record of achieving results and a commitment to greater accountability, who want to have a positive impact and make contributions that make a difference at work.

About the course

Build a reputation as a solid high performer, a “go-to” person and a change catalyst

For the vast majority of us, job security is a thing of the past—so the only way to survive and thrive is to make sure you stand out by contributing unique value. But how do you really make a difference at work, and ensure that your efforts are noticed and recognized? What does it take to increase your chances of having a future in the organization, and not being just another face in the crowd? This course gives you strategies and tactics to take greater ownership of outcomes and increase your accountability so you can gain more visibility. You will re-define your definition of success, assess and leverage your signature strengths, and increase your focus on tracking your progress and achieving results. You will also explore scenarios that emphasize the skills, mindsets and choices that can lead to becoming a true game changer in your organization. Exploring your own unique work challenges and opportunities, you’ll also benefit from peer coaching, instructor feedback and create a practical action plan that can enable you to become an essential asset. Being indispensable at work is a conscious choice. Taking this seminar is the first step toward making it a reality.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify your strengths, level of accountability and the extent to which you are replaceable at work
  • Cultivate a more realistic definition of success, job satisfaction and high performance
  • Identify appropriate skills, attitudes and networks you will need to make greater contributions
  • Conduct a survey of your workplace landscape to identify all opportunities for which you could be a recognized asset
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to play to your strengths, make value-added contributions and become a critical resource at work

What You Will Cover

  • Recognizing what constitutes game changing contributions and making decisions that will demonstrate accountability and ownership
  • Reviewing performance feedback and identifying skills, strengths and missed opportunities
  • Developing a networking strategy with stakeholders, subject matter experts and colleagues
  • Assessing the level of value that you presently bring to the table and scoping out opportunities to increase it
  • Identifying your indispensability score and examining the choices that contribute to your worth
  • Following a framework to avoid victimization and move towards indispensability
  • Assessing personal excellence and recognizing negative beliefs that detract from the value you offer
  • Drafting an action plan for taking ownership, ensuring value-added contributions and becoming a game changer

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Your Respective Career Motivations and Anchors
  • Draw on Personal Strengths to Develop an Accountability Strategy
  • Build a Personal and Distinctive Brand Statement
  • Select Specific Actions to Become More Indispensable at Work
  • Clarify the Specific Behaviors Associated with Being Dispensable at Work
  • Avoid Those Behaviors Associated with Being Dispensable at Work
  • Cultivate a Clearly Articulated Action Plan Aimed at Making Value-Added Contributions and Promoting Your Career

Welcome, Introduction, Conceptual Orientation

  • Understand the Meaning of Indispensability in the Workplace
  • Connect Indispensability to Career Satisfaction
  • Self-Assess Your Level of Accountability
  • Initiate a Broadened View of Indispensability
  • Understand the Key Elements Associated with Being Indispensable
  • Identify What to Expect on the Path to Indispensability

Touchpoint 1: Purpose and Intentionality

  • Identify Your Career Purpose and Values
  • Describe Your Definition of Career
  • Determine If Your Current Careers Are Aligned with Your Aspirations

Touchpoint 2: Aligned Choices Underlying Being Indispensable

  • Identify the Decisions That Underlie Our Actions When We Are Making Value-Added Game-Changing Contributions
  • Examine the Choices or Tendencies That Either Contribute to or Inhibit Our Ability to Be Indispensable

Touchpoint 3: Enabling Mindsets and Derailing Behaviors

  • Identify and Examine the Impact of the Mindsets, Thinking, and Attitudes That Frame Behaviors and Approaches to Participant Outcomes and Performance at Work
  • Emphasize the Importance of Taking Ownership and Accountability for Career Success

Touchpoints 5 and 6: Core Requirements—Seeking Feedback and Taking Ownership

  • Use Probing and Clarifying Questions and Inquiries to Obtain and Act on Feedback Provided from Colleagues, Managers, and Direct Reports
  • Identify Situations in Which You Can Take Ownership
  • Assess the Impact of Taking Actions on Feedback Provided

Touchpoint 7: Engaging Relationships and Networks

  • Act on the Pointers Provided to Build and Cultivate Networks
  • Identify and Develop a Plan for Connecting with Key Stakeholders and SMEs
  • List Relationships and Networks That Need to Be Developed or Maintained
  • Draft a Networking Strategy

Touchpoint 8: Value-Added Opportunities

  • Ask Questions That Help Them to Determine How Others Assess the Value They Offer
  • Draft Your Own Unique Value Proposition
  • Provide a List of Ways That Value Can Be Added in Existing Work
  • Conduct an Organization Scan to Identify Projects/Initiatives on Which Value Can Be Added
  • Plan to Utilize Strengths and Ownership to Product Quality Outcomes

Touchpoint 9: Continuous Learning, Professional Development

  • Develop a Plan for Continuous Learning
  • Share Pointers with Colleagues for Boosting Accountability and Indispensability
  • Identify Their Approaches to Learning, Staying Current, and Staying a Step Ahead

Touchpoint 10: Planning to Committed Action

  • Organize Key Actions and Prepare a Presentation on Actions That Will Be Taken for at Least Two of the Touchpoints
  • Develop a Draft Plan for Taking Actions to Be Indispensable
  • Support and Coach Colleagues in Presenting Their Plans for Committed Action

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Becoming Indispensable: Transforming Into a Game Changer at American Management Association

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.