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Becoming a Visual Organization: the Power of Data Storytelling

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About the course

Data yearns to be free, to tell its stories to all those who care about its revelations. Discovering and sharing those stories should be easy. But it’s not. Why? Most software intended to help people access and understand data is hard to use. For too long, data has been trapped behind scripts, wizards and code. That can change! When a company gives people end user analysis tools, they feel different. Respected. Capable. Powerful. People start to drive their organization forward in ways that could never have been anticipated. They express their full ingenuity and creativity. This workshop will empower you to transform swaths of raw data into visually compelling stories, driving your business forward.


  • Know thy data: Understand your data, by recognizing data must have relationships
  • Find the needle in a haystack: Learn how data visualization techniques provide valuable opportunities to discover strategic insights and hidden relationships
  • Tell your story with data: Find the compelling narrative along with giving an account of the facts and establishing the connections between them

Who should attend

Business professionals interested in uncovering untapped data in their organization and transforming it into actionable business intelligence.

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Amy Phillips

Amy L. Phillips is a Professor of Teaching in the Department of Business Information & Analytics, Daniels College of Business. Her teaching and professional interests span technical areas in business including web development and database management. She is the co-author of the award winning ...


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