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Nov 26—28, 2019
3 days
London, United Kingdom
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About the course

Renewable energy has become vitally important. The costs of renewable energy is decreasing all the time, and increased sources of renewable power are expected in the coming decades.
Storage is an essential element in this energy transition. Recent cost reductions in storage technologies have meant that storage is now competitive. Batteries in particular are starting to gain in the markets. In 2016, lithium-ion batteries made up almost half of all new battery deployments,

This course, will help you understand how to model, structure and finance this new part of the renewables market.


Global Market Overview

  • Markets
  • Suppliers
  • Trends

Understanding The Grid or why storage?

  • Intermittent power generation and grid requirements
  • Transmission and distribution basics
  • Electricity Market Structures
  • The wholesale power market and traded products & services
  • Going off-grid or the Grid defection economics

Energy Storage Technologies

  • Chemical Energy Storage
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Electrical Energy Storage
  • Mechanical Energy Storage
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Technology Roadmaps

Energy Storage Economics and Operational Parameters

  • System Size
  • Equipment Costs
  • Availability
  • Depth of battery discharge
  • Usable energy
  • Lifetime
  • O&M costs
  • Augmentation charge
  • Efficiency

Value & Revenue Streams for end users, utilities and system operators

  • Demand charge reduction
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Demand response
  • Capacity Firming
  • Curtailment minimisation
  • Resiliency / Back-up power
  • Frequency regulation
  • Capacity markets
  • Voltage support
  • Peak shaving
  • Investment Deferral

PPA and Risk Assessment of Energy Storage projects:

  • Performance guarantees & Warranties
  • Allocating control rights
  • Manufacturer’s operating requirements
  • Timing of system charge
  • Setting purchase price
  • Stacked revenue streams
  • Multiple offtakers
  • Regulation and changes in law


  • Village of Minster, Ohio, United States
  • AES Angamos Energy Storage Array, Chile
  • Sumba Island Microgrid, Indonesia
  • Commercial demand-charge management in San Francisco
  • Distribution upgrade deferral in New York
  • Residential bill management in Phoenix
  • Solar self-consumption in San Francisco
  • Alaska, US, island frequency response
  • New Mexico, US, solar PV smoothing and energy shift
  • Doha, Qatar, frequency response and other ancillary services
  • Rokkasho, Aomori, Japan, wind energy time shift and frequency response
  • Angola, Africa, off-grid school lighting
  • Germany, support for household solar and battery storage
  • Zhangbei, China, wind energy time shift and ancillary services

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Christian Grutte

Christian is an independent financial advisor with some 18 years’ experience in the power & renewable sector.He started out his career in a leading North European Strategy Consultancy, where he made substantial contributions to build the energy practice within the firm. He developed and imple...


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