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Jul 13—17, 2020
5 days
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 5400 ≈USD 5946
EUR 1080 per day


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About the course

Essential programme for companies that sell products and services to other companies.

Increased market competition has resulted in more complex sales processes, requiring a more professionalized sales effort and more focused attention from management to create teams and processes that will achieve predictable and satisfactory results. This program will help consulting, professional services, software and equipment companies find answers to the following questions: * How do senior managers make purchasing or investment decisions? * As a supplier, how do I ensure I am repeatedly hired by clients? * How do I make sure a good strategy brings an increase in sales? * How should we organize ourselves to guarantee increased sales? * Sales: Is it an art or is there a methodology to be learned and applied? * What should the salesperson we hire and train be like? * What kind of Marketing is needed in B2B?


  • Make sense of Strategy and Sales concepts and understand the importance of aligning the two to reach business goals.
  • Understand the B2B sales process and each of the tactics to to achieve predictable results.
  • Learn to define best practices for communicating in business situations.
  • Understand how executives that have to invest or buy see us.
  • Learn how to adapt your Marketing plan to B2B situations.
  • Familiarize yourself with essential aspects of hiring and management of B2B Sales Professionals.
  • Learn how to use social networks to sell in B2B environments: social selling.
  • Hone your strategic vision of the B2B sales process.


Aligning Strategy and Sales

Understanding the link between strategy and sales and the importance of aligning the two concepts to improve performance. During this program, learn the keys to help your sales team get the most out of your company’s value proposition..

*Enhancing the Sales Process *

Detailed examination of individual steps that must be properly implemented by organizations to achieve predictable results when selling products or services to companies.

Social Selling

Learn how to use social networks to improve performance in B2B sales processes, otherwise known as social selling.

Understanding the Customer’s Perspective

How executives that have to invest or buy see us, from CEOs to functional managers and how they make their decisions.

B2B Marketing

Discover the key aspects of B2B Marketing that will contribute to develop your business.

Hiring and Management of B2B Sales Professionals

Analysis of essential aspects of both the selection and management of B2B Sales Professionals, as well as the creation and management of indirect channels.

Communicating in Business Situations

Because it’s not what we say, but how we say it: defining best practices for communicating in business situations.

Strategic Vision of the Process

Developing a strategic vision of the B2B sales process: everything you need to take into account to prevent the process from failing and improve the success ratio.

Who should attend

  • Business Owners, CEO and MD of B2B companies seeking to boost their company’s results by reorganizing their sales efforts.
  • Sales Managers at B2B companies seeking to make headway in terms of how they organize their sales team to achieve better results.
  • Account Managers at B2B companies seeking to progress to sales management.

Trust the experts

Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at the Harvard Business School.  He teaches Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing in the second-year MBA program in the Fall term and The Entrepreneurial Manager in the first-year MBA program in the Winter term.  Prior to H...


Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres is a B2B Sales Professional with 2 passions; Sales and Channel Development. Oscar has recently joined Value Solutions at Dassault Systemes to create the department that will support the development of Key Partners. Oscar joined Channel Development at Dassault Systemes in 2011 to le...


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