Available dates

Nov 26—28, 2019
3 days
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CAD 2495 ≈USD 1878
CAD 831 per day
Apr 28—30, 2020
3 days
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
CAD 2495 ≈USD 1878
CAD 831 per day


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About the course

Long-term success requires not only a deep skill set and knowledge but also the capability of being agile within your environment. Being able to recover, remain focused and stay energized for not only yourself but also your team is key to productivity and performance. With the changing needs and pressures of today’s corporate environments, balanced-decision making is key and requires leaders to connect with themselves, their team and their organization.

Authentic leadership provides an “experiential laboratory” environment where creativity and innovation flow and new business models and competitive advantage can emerge. Through exercises designed for observing yourself and others in action, you will learn how to create synergy with diverse individuals and teams from across the organization and fulfill your leadership potential.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Create more value by being intentionally present
  • Energize the performance of your team by understanding and creating the conditions for “flow”
  • Shift to more intentional responses and actions
  • Learn to take multi-stakeholder strategic decisions in a shorter period of time
  • Challenge yourself, others and existing organizational strategies, processes, assumptions and mindsets
  • Learn to sense, nurture and drive emerging and generative change opportunities
  • Ability to clarify your intentions and communicate them persuasively

Topics covered during the program

Day one


  • The five key factors of “Emergent” strategic decision-making
  • Creating synergy: 1 + 1 = 3
  • Challenging yourself and others to move outside their comfort zone
  • Learning from the future

The Strategic Mind and Body

  • Accessing our three brains
  • Understanding the Social Field
  • Presence & Awareness
  • An “optimum” generic strategic decision-making process
  • The O-A-R Model: The Leader as Intervener
  • The (new) Value Chain of the Knowledge Economy

Strategic Leadership

  • 360° Organization Sustainability

Day 2

The Strategic Mind & Body

  • The four dispositions
  • Understanding individual & team “Flow”
  • Influencing the Social Field
  • The 4 Levels of Conversation
  • Bringing more awareness and presence to your long-term outlook and short-term decision-making
  • The Social Field: Creating the right conditions for flow within your organization

Strategic Leadership

  • The 5i Business Model Canvas

Day 3

The Strategic Mind & Body

  • Measuring the Social Field
  • Moving to “Flow”
  • Improving your Response-ability
  • The 4 Levels of Listening & Speaking
  • Attention & distraction
  • The power of intention
  • Giving & receiving powerful “gifts”: The Jo-Hari Window

Strategic Leadership

  • The principles of the 3-5 Strategic Horizons
  • Strategy as Guiding Principles
  • Rapid prototyping

Who should attend

This program is designed for mid- to upper-level managers and individual contributors looking to improve capabilities in relational intelligence. The content applies to all types of organizations from small businesses to multinationals in both private and public sectors. This is an excellent next step for those who have completed the Strategic Planning and Execution seminar (though it is not a pre-requisite to join).

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