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The AR/VR program is designed to facilitate understanding of key industry terms and trends, their impact on your business and new opportunities for growth.


Through a combination of hardware and software, AR and VR turn sensing, computation and control into an immersive, interactive, three-dimensional experience. AR users wear a headset, but retain some visibility. Software is constantly mapping a user’s surroundings with efficient localization functions and then overlaying digital images and interfaces onto actual physical surroundings


  • Who will win the platform race?
  • How to start-up as a content producer
  • Research Trends impacting short and long term opportunities
  • Design thinking and human-centered design processes
  • The ability to identify and break through
  • barriers to innovation and gain support for new ideas
  • Guided project work for application to your business


The Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) program is designed to facilitate understanding and familiarity of key industry terms and trends, address how these trends can impact your business and explore opportunities for new products, services or ventures for your business. In this program you will learn about platform competition and who will dominate in the augmented and virtual reality markets, and understand where Silicon Valley start-ups and major US and international companies are focusing their attention. You will learn strategies you can adopt to take advantage of these opportunities, which platform is best for you and how you can build a loyal customer base. Through a mentored project, you will create and build a plan to enter this new market.


“Guest speakers are amazing! These guys have been there, done that. They have gone around, pitched their ideas successfully, sold their companies. I think this is a real-life lesson: this is not coming from a book.” “For me, the strategy portion is probably the most important. You’ve got very valid frameworks. This is the way to look at your markets, competition, value chain. Knowing that strategy helps to shape my judgment, increase my confidence and influence my decisions.” “Taking me out of my comfort zone and applying some of these principles to a new area outside my domain expertise is very useful.”


Disruptive Technologies

  • Design Innovation for the Internet of
  • Things
  • Industry Applications for the Internet of
  • Things
  • Technology Leadership
  • Positive Leadership and Innovation
  • Global Technology Leaders Program
  • Engineering Leadership Professional
  • Program
  • Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week
  • Lean Construction Principles

Joint Certificate Program with the UC Berkeley Executive Education at the Haas School of Business

  • Disruptive Technology and Commercialization

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Recognized as one of the world’s top three engineering schools, we understand engineers and what they face as they move into leadership roles in global environments. We bring the perspective of a faculty of thought leaders - engineers who are creating tomorrow’s knowledge today - who have realworld industrial experience as entrepreneurs, heads of Research and Development, and consultants to industry. All of our programs incorporate these strengths as the basis of design and delivery so that our program graduates are well-versed in how to fill global engineering roles. We recognize the tremendous strengths and skills that engineers and scientists have developed through their education and experience. Engineers are adept at mastering complex systems and making decisions in the most challenging technological situations. We teach them how to apply these skills to global business and organizational situations and challenges.

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Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a leader in a large corporate environment, we’ll help you discover how to take advantage of this technology trend and build concrete “next steps” for your business development strategy toolbox.

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Lee Fleming

Professor Lee Fleming joined the IEOR Department at UC Berkeley in Fall 2011 and is the Faculty Director of the Coleman Fung Institute of Engineering Leadership. He teaches engineering leadership and a capstone lab within the Masters of Engineering curriculum. His research applies machine learnin...


Allen Yang

Dr. Allen Y. Yang is Chief scientist for the Fung Institute, Executive Director of the College’s Center for Augmented Cognition and the lead researcher in augmented and virtual reality. He is a Principal Investigator at UC Berkeley and a Co-Founder and CTO of Grafty, Inc. Previously he served as ...


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