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Asia Leaders Programme in Infrastructure Excellence (ALPINE)

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About the course

The core theme of Asia Leaders Programme in Infrastructure Excellence (ALPINE) emphasises having a clear perspective of societal context and implications which will contribute towards project robustness and success.

The unique programme is committed to accelerating skill development and building understanding on how major and complex infrastructure projects in dynamic Asia can be made more successful and robust. It adopts practical tools and approaches which will be applied through simulation, case studies and project work.

Bespoke “Rotating Case Studies” underline the thought leadership of ALPINE. Designed to support the pedagogy of this programme, the case studies delve into infrastructure industry specifics and encourage students to embrace different perspectives. This way, they develop a deep understanding of and appreciation for the complexity of decision making processes at the other side of the table. Over time this will form the mindset of the “social license to operate”. ALPINE brings together thought leaders and industry champions from the public sector and private firms to share and gain an understanding of one another’s perspectives and objectives in the vast arena of infrastructure. This platform also allows participants, speakers and panellists to establish a professional network of relationships and knowledge.

Led and hosted by the Singapore Management University Executive Development for the 4th year, ALPINE is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), once again underscoring the key role of Singapore as a hub for organisations to develop, finance and execute infrastructure projects across the region.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop the mindset of “Social License to Operate"
  • Gain a 360-degree understanding through multiple perspectives
  • Become part of a trusted network

Who should attend

Mid-level executives with at least 6 years’ working experience in companies, financial institutions, or the public sector, and who are involved in infrastructure planning development and operations in Asia.

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SMU Executive Development – ALPINE Programme

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