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About the course

This five-day course focuses on how the government contracts for architectural-engineering services, covering the entire spectrum of the acquisition process. The topics covered and practical exercises in this course enable participants to gain knowledge of the Selection of Architects and Engineers statute, SF-330, the selection process, the review of government estimates, liability, Title II services, modifications, and the contracting officer representative’s responsibilities. In this advanced course, you are required to research proper application or interpretation of regulatory guidance, including public laws, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions, DoD and other agency supplements to the FAR, and legal precedents.

What You Will Learn

  • The acquisition planning process, including market research
  • Formation of a performance work statement
  • Proposal analysis and source selection in accordance with the Selection of Architects and Engineers statute
  • Contract award procedures
  • Contract management, contract monitoring, and reporting

How You Will Benefit

  • Apply the source selection statutes and regulations unique to contracting for architectural-engineering services.
  • Assess and formulate the appropriate elements for a performance work statement.
  • Understand and devise the best method and content for an advertisement for an architectural-engineering project.
  • Understand basic cost principles and independent government cost estimates.
  • Evaluate architectural-engineering bids and proposals.
  • Develop and implement a negotiation strategy to obtain the best value.
  • Understand quality-assurance techniques used by government.
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in contract administration of an architectural-engineeerng contract.

Course Content


  • Applicability of the Selection of Architects and Engineers statute (formerly the Brooks Act)
  • Satisfy design requirements
  • Advertising requirements


  • Scope of work versus performance work statement
  • Essential elements
  • Effects of environmental law and executive orders


  • Qualification statements
  • Functions of the evaluation board(s) and responsibilities of the selection authority
  • Debriefing requirements


  • Applicable cost principles
  • Calculating and applying indirect cost rates
  • Developing government estimates


  • Roles of specialists needed to develop government’s position
  • Essential elements of a A-E Price Negotiation Memorandum


  • Monitoring contract for quality assurance
  • Distinguish roles and responsibilities for contract management and administration

Who should attend

This course is designed for contracting officers, contract specialists, contracting officer representatives, program and project managers, small business specialists, and industry contracting personnel, including architects and engineers.

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