Analytics for Marketing – What Every Leader Should Know

Smeal College of Business

What are the topics?

Smeal College of Business


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Who should attend

This program focuses on helping leaders from all functions develop an understanding of the basics of marketing analytics, situate themselves in the context of marketing challenges, and helps you consider how data/information can help you lead your organization or department. Please note that this program supports understanding the basic skills and concepts without getting deeply into specific tools and statistical techniques.

Note: This is a leadership program that focuses on using data and analytics capabilities to guide strategic, organizational decision-making. Leaders who participate will be better able to help internal analytical experts generate the most relevant insights to answer critical questions. It is not intended to offer in-depth statistical training or technical approaches – it is intended to help you make sense of the data at your disposal for data-driven, problem-centric decision-making.

About the course

Overwhelmingly, leaders of all types within organizations understand the importance of using data to inform market focused decision making and strategy – especially when the data is related to common marketing challenges related to topics like customer experience, brand management, and trends in the marketplace. However, researching and finding critical data and insights that are highly targeted, robust, and valuable can be a challenge – even with a team of technical experts supporting your efforts. In this program, we will explore the basic principles of marketing analytics through the lens of frequent marketing analytics challenges, such as customer acquisition. Using common challenges as a starting point, this program will explore baseline practices leaders can implement to support the successful acquisition and application of marketing data and analytics. This program will help leaders better frame marketing challenges and questions for which data can offer insight while uncovering core principles that technical analysts will leverage to answer your questions.

Program Benefits

Improve your ability to:

  • Understand the basics of marketing analytics and the value of data and insights across the organization
  • Effectively align marketing data with information needs
  • Leverage best practices for engaging in co-creation of insights
  • Identify data-focused solutions for addressing key marketing challenges
  • Leverage technical experts to efficiently obtain the best data for your purpose

Program Content

This course provides leaders of all functions an overview of marketing analytics; offers insight into how these applications of analytics can be used to address challenging business problems; and explores how a leader facing a difficult decision can situate themselves in the context of vast amounts of data.

During the program, we will explore marketing analytics through the lens of common issues that regularly challenge leaders regardless of industry. Our faculty will use these relatable situations as the lens through which we will examine critical foundational aspects of marketing analytics - moving from the strategic (‘where the organization/leader may focus’) to the tactical (‘actions the leader/organization might take’).

Marketing Analytics: The Foundations

  • An overview of marketing analytics: language, organizational value, actionable insights
  • Harnessing and visualizing data for decision making
  • Application and examples

Factors for Success: Ensuring alignment

  • Situating yourself in the challenge
  • Defining and aligning metrics
  • Investigating the right things
  • Adjusting if you need to

Transitioning from Data to Insight: Data Mapping

  • Ensuring your efforts lead to actionable information
  • The data mapping process
  • Leading the efforts: Skillsets, hiring practices, resources

Types of Marketing Analytics

  • Descriptive marketing analytics: “Based on our data and problem, what happened?”Example: Web-based analytics
  • Predictive marketing analytics: “Based on our data and problem, what’s going to happen?”Example: Consumer and market trends
  • Prescriptive marketing analytics: “Based on our data and problem, what should we do to get the best results?”Example: Envisioning targeted campaigns for client segments

Leading and Decision Making

  • Making sense of vast amounts of data and information
  • Complex business decision making and strategy?
  • Collaboration and silos

Value For You and Your Organization

Organizational leaders at all levels need to be able to maximize the value of data and information – now more than ever. All teams need people who can ask the right questions, frame appropriate strategies, and make decisions using data-driven, problem-centric approaches that are targeted, accurate, and focused. This program enables participants to build a foundation of understanding around analytics with an eye towards improved collaboration with technical colleagues, data-based solutions, and leveraging common tools and techniques.

Analytics for Marketing – What Every Leader Should Know at Smeal College of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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