Available dates

Dec 12—13, 2019
2 days
Montreal, Québec, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1507
CAD 997 per day
Jun 2—3, 2020
2 days
Montreal, Québec, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1507
CAD 997 per day


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About the course

The ability to use data to effectively drive decisions is an integral part of modern management. In this 2-day seminar, you will learn both the theoretical as well as practical applications of data analytics and how they apply to decision-making. You will deepen your understanding of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Next, you will learn how to use that data to develop insights through a series of exercises and case studies. Finally, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to make data driven business decisions within their organization. This course will enable you to be an informed and empowered manager of data, you will leave with a toolkit that allows you to make sense of data and how to make decisions using it.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Think critically about data
  • Differentiate between good and bad data
  • Avoiding data collection biases
  • When to use descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics
  • Understand different applications of business analytics across industries and sectors
  • Identify opportunities for creating value using business analytics
  • Properly structure data for your organization

Topics covered during the program

Day One

Using Data for Decision Making

  • What is the role of data in decision making
  • Discuss different frameworks to support decision-making in organizations

What is good data and how do you structure it

  • Understand the perceived value of data
  • 4 V’s of data: volume, velocity, variety and veracity

Day Two

Making Well-Informed Decisions with AI

  • What problems can AI help solve for your business?
  • Impact on your operations, processes, employees, customers, and offerings
  • Forecasting, sourcing, optimizing, automating, and enhancing user experiences

Bringing AI Into Your Organization

  • When is the right time to bring in AI?
  • Key elements of successful AI transformations
  • AI readiness: changes to your processes, capabilities and culture

AI Execution: Your Business Case for Success

  • Maximizing positive impact and mitigating risk of failure
  • Building AI capacity – tools, consultants, internal teams
  • Project scoping and infrastructure

Who should attend

This seminar is for managers who want to effectively translate data analytics into business value, but do not necessarily have the technical expertise to do the analytics themselves.

Trust the experts

Jui Ramaprasad

Professor Ramaprasad joined the Faculty of Management in fall 2009. She received her doctorate in Management, Information Systems from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. She holds a B.S. from the University of Southern California. Professor Ramaprasad’s r...


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