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Stanford Continuing Studies

An Introduction to People Analytics: How to Build a Talent Advantage

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May 4—11
2 days
Stanford, California, United States
USD 495
USD 247 per day


A company’s market value is largely driven by “intangibles,” mostly associated with people-related items under the purview of human resources departments. These include leadership, talent, performance, organizational design, learning and development, and inclusion and diversity. People analytics is a new and growing HR function that blends data science (data management, systems, statistics) and workforce science (industrial and organizational psychology, organizational effectiveness, labor economics) to deliver a competitive advantage through people. People analytics describes and quantifies this intangible value so that decisions about people—individuals, teams, and organizations— are data-driven. The right decisions on where to source talent, whom to hire and promote, which benefits to offer, which aspects of engagement to focus on, which skills to build or buy, and where to invest scarce HR budget resources can significantly impact business value and competitiveness. This workshop will equip students with fundamental people analytics frameworks, approaches, and tools to help them thrive in the world of big data, artificial intelligence, and the new world of work. We will cover how to assess needs, build a roadmap, and engage stakeholders. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to conduct people analytics projects, select the right metrics, tell a story with data, develop a business case for investment, and much more.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
McCombs School of Business

People Analytics: Leveraging Data to Improve Talent Management

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Oct 24—25
2 days
Austin, Texas, United States
USD 2950
USD 1475 per day

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​People Analytics is different from the “human resources” practices prevalent twenty years ago.

Growing evidence shows that leveraging human capital improves firm performance (revenue, stock price, customer satisfaction, retention, and safety) and sustains competitive advantage. But, continuing to engage in human capital practices that reflect outdated knowledge and beliefs, leads to dysfunctional outcomes that can be very costly. Enter the age of People Analytics.

People analytics is vastly different from the “human resources” practices prevalent twenty years ago. People analytics allows you to incorporates a data-driven approach to managing people at work. Leverage data and sophisticated analysis to solve people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job and team design, and compensation. Utilize the date to improve your organization’s ability to achieve strategic goals, rather than simply serving as administrative support functions. And remember, application of People Analytics is not just for HR professionals; as a leader, you need to be well versed in strategies that bring in and retain the best talent.

Business Analytics

Explore the ins and outs of data analytics to gain perspective and experience with the complexities of “Big Data” in the business and organizational context.

Two-day Concentrated Program

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and class runs 8:30 – 4:30 both days with a one-hour networking lunch included.

Austin, Texas

Enjoy proximity to the vibrancy of the campus and downtown Austin, and the innovative, business-friendly environment of the city.


  • Improve your talent management processes, including how you strategically hire, socialize, appraise, reward, and retain talent
  • Discuss the impact of organizational context on how companies manage human capital
  • Investigate the practices and analytical frameworks that will help you leverage human capital
  • Uncover the human capital factors that affect your success as a developing business leader
  • Expand your critical thinking skills by leveraging data and analytics as they apply to human capital strategies in practice

Who should attend

  • Those with a small to moderate working knowledge of statistics
  • Those seeking a refresher of the tools and models in practical application
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