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Ama’s Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

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Next dates

May 23—24
2 days
SGD 1284 ≈USD 946
SGD 642 per day
Sep 16—17
2 days
SGD 1284 ≈USD 946
SGD 642 per day
Dec 12—13
2 days
SGD 1284 ≈USD 946
SGD 642 per day



Financial skills are fundamental to any managerial position. This 2-day programme from the American Management Association (AMA) will provide you with the financial literacy and tools you will need to succeed in your career and to interface effectively with finance professionals. Finance and accounting can sometimes seem like an arcane subject to non-financial people. This programme uses a graphical approach to learning finance and accounting that demystifies the subject matter and makes it easier to grasp and retain the concepts being presented.

Benefits to You


This programme will enable participants to make managerial decisions that incorporate the financial perspective in addition to other perspectives so that shareholder value can be enhanced.


· Know how to read financial statements and to evaluate the financial health of a business based on these statements.

· Be able to make managerial decisions (both operational and capital expenditure) based on the right financial costs and benefits.

Programme Outline

· Fundamental Accounting Concepts – accounting vs finance, accrual vs cash accounting, revenue recognition methods, historical cost vs fair value accounting, the principles of conservatism, materiality and consistency.

· Understanding Financial Statements –profit and loss account, balance sheet, statement of changes in shareholders’equity, cash flow statement, consolidation of subsidiaries, accounting for affiliates (associated companies), accumulated other comprehensive income.

· Understanding Double Entry Accounting – graphically,and using debits and credits

· Evaluating Financial Statements – liquidity ratios, efficiency ratios, leverage ratios, profitability ratios, effect of leverage on ROE, Economic Value Added

· Improving Profitability through Cost Analysis and Profit Planning – fixed vs variable costs, breakeven analysis, concept of contribution margin, incremental analysis for managerial decision

· Making Effective Capital Expenditure Decisions – payback, net present value and IRR techniques, the flaws of payback and the pitfalls of IRR as decision tools, discounting of cash flows, profitability index for choosing between projects when resources are limited

Who should attend

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers
(Level 3) New Managers
(Level 4) Managers


Alfred Chan is Executive Director of Imperial Consulting, Singapore. He has been in management consulting for over 20 years, with Arthur D. Little, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Arthur Andersen and KPMG, in the last two firms as a Partner and a Director respectively. Prior to management co...
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