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Aligning Learning With Business Strategy

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Oct 3
London, United Kingdom
GBP 560 ≈USD 727
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One of the biggest challenges you will face in L&D is establishing a clear relationship between learning, the experiences that support it, the resources it needs, and the work-related, and organisational, objectives to which the learning will contribute. This course will enable you to tap into individuals’ motivation to learn; and build commitment to learning; providing a range of learning solutions that stretch and develop individuals – thus enhancing organisational effectiveness.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • establish the business drivers for different learning needs
  • identify the relationship of learning needs to organisational requirements
  • explain factors that help or hinder an individual’s ability to learn and to apply that learning to achieve organisational goals
  • describe methods for integrating learning and performance
  • identify ways of achieving learning within the workplace


Integration and alignment

  • integrating how needs are identified
  • making L&D an integral part of organisational strategy and operational processes
  • managing and integrating different stakeholder views on L&D needs
  • aligning L&D processes with operational processes
  • managing L&D resource allocation as an integral part of achieving organisational goals

Drivers for learning needs

  • where do learning needs come from?
  • what are the drivers?
  • what’s the relationship of different learning needs to the achievement of organisational goals?
  • how might we prioritise needs?

Relationship of learning needs to organisational needs

  • alignment with organisational goals and operational requirements
  • constructive dialogue with stakeholders at different levels and different parts of your organisation
  • integration with organisational processes

Factors that motivate or hinder learning

  • individual issues
  • team or group issues
  • workplace issues

Integrating learning and performance

  • formal v informal learning
  • at work v away from work
  • relationship to operational requirements
  • practice and application whilst learning is fresh
  • competency frameworks
  • appraisal, individual performance targets
  • briefing and debriefing by manager or workplace coach
  • timeliness of learning

Learning solutions for an integrated approach

  • range of learning opportunities
  • specific methods

Who should attend

Aligning Learning With Business Strategy is recommended for L&D specialists, HR and OD practitioners involved in managing organisational learning, and line managers who are responsible for integrating learning with their business needs.

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