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Ai Innovation in Action

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About the course

Artificial Intelligence has already transcended almost all areas of business and our daily lives alike. It has become one of the target technologies that the Singapore Government envisions as a staple of future business in the entire South-East Asian zone, as demonstrated by the establishment of AI Singapore.

It is a perfect time for non-technology organisations to join the AI Innovation in Action Programme, designed to provide a practical overview of the AI-powered technologies currently available in the market. The programme helps the participating executives in choosing the right AI tools to become competitive in the fast-changing modern world, while minimising the risks associated with technological innovation.

The three-day programme will follow a practical approach of introducing AI concepts sequentially and immediately allowing the participants to apply the acquired knowledge in their organisations.

  • Discover how your organisation may benefit from AI innovation already now and in the near future
  • Acquire the skills to implement AI innovation without disrupting current revenue streams
  • Understand the technological limitations and the ways AI can enhance your workforce
  • Learn to think holistically about AI in the context of your business strategy, ROI and long-term objectives
  • Network with like-minded executives and learn about AI applications in diverse business sectors

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the participants will have:

  • Acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to judge AI implementation opportunities in their industries
  • Gained a critical understanding of the risks posed by disruptive AI-powered technologies and even more importantly, the risks associated with lack of technological adaptation
  • Identified the steps to follow on the AI implementation curve
  • Collected a suite of resources necessary for successful AI implementation including funding sources and their application criteria

Key Areas:

  • AI basics
  • The cutting edge of AI
  • Mature AI applications
  • Industry-specific applications of AI
  • The legal aspects of AI
  • AI in the context of cyber-security
  • Investing into AI
  • Implementing AI innovation in non-STEM companies

Who should attend

Mid-level and senior executives with strategic decision making responsibilities looking to discover new opportunities, drive innovation or develop new products through the understanding, application and influence of AI insights.

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