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Agile Fundamentals

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May 1
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 1295 ≈USD 865
NZD 1295 per day
Aug 27
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 1295 ≈USD 865
NZD 1295 per day


Getting the best results in running projects using an agile approach

Building on project management fundamentals, this course helps leaders learn how to adapt to situations when the client is vague about their needs, the scope is not clear, timelines and resources are fixed, and the environment is dynamic. Learn how people are using agile and lean principles to dramatically improve performance in a wide range of industries including Construction, Government, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing , Services and of course IT. With the business environment changing rapidly, the principles and techniques are applicable to a range of executives who find themselves working in “project mode” with their teams most of the time.

This course is a mixture of a one day interactive workshop and applied learning online interactions:

  • Online survey to assess your learning objectives and key project issues
  • One day interactive workshop session
  • Reflective learning opportunity post course
  • Group skype video discussion and feedback on your reflective learning practice
  • Case Study video links

Topics covered

This course demonstrates the application of agile and lean principles to the project environment and management practices generally. Attendees can use the content for study credits towards the PMI (Project Management Institute) qualifications, PMP® and CAPM®.

  • Agile principles
  • Agile project lifecycle and the traditional lifecycle compared
  • Agile tools and their application
  • Changing roles for better results
  • Implementing agile in your organisation / project


You will:

  • Know how to run small agile projects
  • Be able to use lean techniques on all your projects
  • Understand different frameworks and why they work / the techniques that will work for you
  • Know how to deliver more value to your customers with less effort
  • Understand the changes required to unleash the potential of your teams

Your organisation will:

  • Have improved project results
  • Have happier, more motivated people
  • Delight their customers

Who should attend

  • Executives , managers, and team leaders running projects wishing to improve their results
  • Leaders keen to get more done with less effort
  • Anyone that needs to reduce their stress and anxiety over non-performing projects
  • Anyone who is losing customers due to poor project delivery


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Detailed Description
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