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Telfer School of Management

Advanced Negotiations & Problem Solving

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Negotiation and problem resolution skills are essential for leaders to deal effectively with multi-party decision making and conflict in all aspects of complex project management. Participants will learn the requisite knowledge, skills and reflective abilities to identify potential sources of conflict and design dispute resolution systems that will lead to successful collaborations. The module will cover negotiating for results (with a particular focus on the interest-based approach to negotiations), effective management of emotions in negotiations, and influence skills in group environments with multiple approval layers.

What You Will Learn

  • The Interest-Based approach to negotiation
  • Project Stakeholder Mapping
  • Strategies of Conflict Management

Program Takeaways

  • How to effectively strategize and carry out the negotiation of elements associated with complex projects in a way that builds and maintains important professional relationships
  • How to identify and influence the broad range of stakeholders associated with complex project implementation
  • How to use a broad range of conflict management approaches to ensure that complex projects effectively move forward in keeping with declared performance criteria

Who should attend

  • program and project managers
  • procurement managers
  • supply chain managers
  • military project directors
  • portfolio managers
  • key advisors in both government and industry organizations

This program is relevant for Canadian public sector employees and for the employees of industry suppliers and partners that work with public sector departments and agencies.