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Advanced Negotiation Skills sfc

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About the course

In an economic downturn, a clear understanding of the business situation equipped with effective negotiating skills can help you score better deals. Regardless of the nature of the deal, intelligent negotiating skills are required to reach an outstanding outcome.

In this 2-day course, you will examine how to negotiate on a principle negotiation model, measure the success of negotiations, and evaluate why negotiations succeed or fail. This programme is designed for senior executives and managers who are looking to strengthen and sharpen their skills and strategies to deal with the most complex and challenging aspects of the negotiation process, in order to achieve lasting agreements with added value. Informative and highly practical, this programme includes role plays, exercises and simulations relating to a range of negotiation contexts. You will learn to think creatively, establish a favorable climate, and create innovative agreements.


  • To use business psychology to effectively achieve positive results for both parties
  • To conduct the exploratory stage effectively to gain useful insights of your opponent’s position
  • To understand and interpret signals and other non-verbal gestures
  • To know one’s own negotiation styles, strengths and weaknesses
  • To understand and use power tactics


  • Lecture
  • Self-assessment
  • Learning games
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Group discussions
  • Videos


The Exploration Stage determines the seasoned Negotiator

How you probe and ask questions will determine your ability to identify hidden agendas and aspirations of your opponent.

Understanding the way a person process information and the way they think

Understanding oneself as well as others will enable you to better prepare at the negotiation table. You will be able to determine the areas of weaknesses of the opponent, and use them to your team’s advantage. You will be able to conclude the negotiation with perceived benefits to the other party.

Understanding signals and other non-verbal gestures

Learning how to read the body language and other signals of the opponent is a valuable skill as it can cue you to knowing if the other party is telling the truth during negotiations.

Advanced communication skills

Important communication skills such as listening, presenting and questioning can help you emerge victorious in the exchanges of concessions during negotiation.

How to conclude agreements that last

Successful negotiation is not about you winning at the expense of the other party. It is about how to make the other party understand your side of things and how they can see benefits for themselves in the deal. A successful negotiation is one in which both parties end up win-win, and are willing to do more deals in future.

Who should attend

Middle and senior managers in a company, project managers, procurement managers, real estate managers, etc.

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