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Advanced Interest Rate Derivatives

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About the course

Learn about interest rate options & swaps with this course - book now!

This is a three day programme, covering all the essential principles with which someone working in the area of interest-rate derivatives should be familiar.

  • Day 1 Interest rate derivatives, swaps and cross-currency swaps, modern yield curve construction
  • Day 2 Interest rate options and exotics, CMS and applications, structured products
  • Day 3 CMS, modelling interest-rate vol, the impact of stochastic volatility, SABR

The emphasis is on a healthy mix of theory and client applications, and is illustrated throughout with real-life examples and case-studies.


Day 1 Swaps

Interest rate swaps

  • Quotation and terminology
  • Drivers of yield curve shape and level
  • Understanding swap spreads

Settlement and clearing

  • OTC versus central clearing
  • Collateral and netting
  • Briefly on CVA adjustments

Customer applications

  • Using swaps to hedge debt issuance
  • Asset swaps
  • Curve trades and other proprietary positions

Formal swaps pricing

  • From par rates to discount curves and forwards
  • Bootstrapping the discount curve
  • The choice of the discount curve – why OIS?
  • Tenor basis and projection curves
  • Modern yield curve constructiuon

Cross-currency swaps

  • Mechanics of a CRX swap
  • Understanding the drivers of the CRX basis spread
  • Customer applications  

Day 2 Interest Rate Options

Caps, floors and collars

  • Mechanics and settlement


  • Structure and mechanics
  • European versus Bermudan settlement
  • The exercise decision for Bermudans
  • Managing a trading book

Customer applications

  • Hedging funding exposures
  • Conditional curve trades and other prop positions

Structured products

  • Callable bonds
  • Embedding options for yield-enhancement: capped FRNs, reverse floaters
  • Corporate liability management

Interest rate exotics and structured products

  • Digitals and range accruals
  • Target redemption structures

Day 3 Options, Exotics and Structured Products

Constant maturity swaps

  • Mechanics, quotation and settlement
  • Understanding the convexity adjustment
  • Model-independent replication and hedging of the convexity
  • Applications in liability-management
  • CMS spread-linked

Understanding the volatility surface

  • Drivers of the skew and smile
  • The key role of stochastic vol
  • Normal versus lognormal vol, CEV models, shifted lognormal
  • Hedging skew and smile
  • Introduction to stoch vol and SABR

Introduction to interest rate modelling

  • Single-factor models
  • Mult-factor models and the LMM

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Richard Fedrick

Richard started his career in 1988 in the Derivatives Product Group at Morgan Stanley, which he joined after three years of post-grad research in Theoretical Physics. He spent three years as a rates and FX structurer at Morgan Stanley before moving to a similar role at Deutsche Bank in London. In...


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