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For a long time HR struggled to get a seat in the boardroom of organisations. Today, the question is "What does HR bring into the room and what should HR bring"? Related to these are questions around how HR could more effectively demonstrate the huge value it makes and can make to deliver today's result and perpetually in a rapidly changing world. The climate within the organisation is a major source of performance erosion and winning this strategic internal war is as crucial as winning the external competitive battles.

By understanding how to ensure internal translation and expression of their brand positioning so that there is an alignment between the culture within and their desired external perception of their brands, participants are prepared to better leverage the dynamic variables in the war, so that investments in Human Capital effectively complements the other crucial external competitive battles in the area of Brand Management, Marketing and Sales, supply chain and cost optimisation.


The Engine of performance

  • Understanding Performance at three levels - Individual, Functional and Organisational Performance
  • The nature of the battle within. Causes and remedies of performance leakage in organisations
  • Developing, strengthening and leveraging your organisation's Leadership Brand for competitive advantage

HR Leadership and Functional Competencies

  • A strategic lens on the world; dealing with how PESTEL affects people as well as the Performance Engine
  • Understanding People Impact Assessment and how to use this for informed and proactive decision making when major business decisions are being made
  • Organisational Capability-Building
  • Being a credible custodian of the organisational climate
  • Leading Transformational Change
  • Leveraging Technology and Innovation for HR operational delivery
  • Understanding Behaviour

Essential attributes of an effective HR Professional

Key Learning Outcomes

The programme will strengthen demonstrate the personal and functional attributes and competencies of effective HR functions and HR practitioners. Participants will strengthen their capacity to:

  • Develop and use strategic lenses to see the rapidly changing Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) contexts of their business
  • Develop and leverage a People Leadership Brand that ensure an internal translation and expression of their brand positioning in their culture and values
  • Use the insight from PESTEL scanning to inform strategic choices for resourcing the business, developing people and grow leaders.
  • Conduct People Impact Assessments for changes, innovations and initiatives that the organization wishes to embark upon for all major business development decisions.
  • Be credible and trusted custodians of the organisational climate, values and culture and provide demonstrably valuable support to make their business partners successful. That way HR support is gets to be sought and invited by business partners not imposed or at best accepted grudgingly.
  • Ensure that HR Systems and Processes are aligned to rapidly changing technology and innovation so that they remain cost effective, efficient and intuitive to evolving business and demographic needs

Programme Duration

  • Phase I - 1 month (pre-programme distance learning; case study, Functional Excellence Benchmarking and Diagnostics)
  • Phase II - 5 days on campus
  • Phase III – (OPTIONAL) 7 Days Learning trip to the US to see first-hand how HR supports the strategic performance of organisations that have earned world-wide acclaim in the areas they are reputed for e.g. Logistics (like Wal-Mart, UPS, Fedex), Hospitality (like Marriott), Customer Service (like Walt Disney) etc.

Who should attend

  • Senior HR managers with functional responsibility for strategic parts of the HR function such as Talent or Organisational Development
  • It would also benefit Senior Business Managers in General Management or going into it and wishing to know how to turn an organizations Human Capital into a source of competitive advantage.


Prior to his faculty appointment, Uche Attoh served on the Industrial Arbitration Panel, where, following a Federal appointment, he had for 8 years presided/participated in Tribunals constituted for the purpose of adjudicating over Trade Disputes and Labour-Management Conflict in accordance with ...
Dr Oparison is a senior fellow at Lagos Business School with over 25 years’ management and leadership experience in blue-chip multinational companies. Oparison obtained his master’s degree and Doctorate in Business Policy and Organisational Development from the University of Wales, Cardiff. He w...


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