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Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders

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About the course

All leaders communicate but to do it well requires influence, respect and the ability to handle the unexpected. Here’s how you can do it.

In the past, leaders spoke, followers listened and (usually) acted on what they heard. Not anymore. Now, new leaders are expected to engage and inspire, equip and empower; to help their people be their best. To achieve that – requires a new set of advanced skills as well as the ability to think on your feet.

In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a base narrative that you can quickly reorder, reshape and accessorise for different audiences and occasions. You can use this approach for all verbal communications – from the formal presentation to the briefing, pitch, discussion, report, forum, difficult conversation and even the monologue to camera.

Topics covered

  • Content checklist: what do you want to communicate?
  • Format – two tools to help you adapt and recall content in any order
  • Structure – framework models you will use often
  • Tactics for interaction and audience participation: why, when, how much?
  • Applications you can adapt for use in specific situations – panels, community information briefings, AGMs, team talks, difficult conversations etc.
  • Audience participation – the use of catalysts, including questions to ask
  • Management − how to answer questions, respond to comments, manage interruptions, and stay on message
  • Making your material engaging and audience-friendly
  • Adding authority, credibility and certainty – vocal variety and power, phrasing and movement
  • The clinic - how to solve your specific delivery problems


You will gain:

  • A method for preparing your presentations faster, with greater accuracy
  • An approach you can use in almost all communication tasks
  • The ability to use an authentic conversational style
  • The flexibility to adapt quickly to the unexpected
  • Multiple advanced techniques for the critical task of audience engagement
  • The ability to ask and answer questions and manage interruptions
  • Substantial improvement in your delivery skills
  • The confidence to radically change your approach and adapt your tools and techniques for specific situations

Who should attend

  • C-suite members, senior executives, thought leaders, team leaders and managers
  • Analysts, topic specialists, communications specialists who need to communicate complex messages

Trust the experts

Rob Neale

Rob has over two decades of experience coaching leaders around the world in media and advanced communication skills. His corporate client list features major global brands across a full range of businesses including banking, finance, insurance and investment, aviation, airport management, tourism...


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