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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Advanced B2B Digital Marketing

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Jun 11—Apr 24
London, United Kingdom
GBP 1250 ≈USD 1617
GBP 1250 per day
Aug 5—Apr 24
London, United Kingdom
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Sep 16—Apr 24
London, United Kingdom
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As a B2B marketer you have some knowledge of digital marketing fundamentals but need to be able to develop and apply digital marketing according to B2B business objectives and marketing situations. How do you integrate B2B Digital marketing? How do you use digital to support B2B branding and awareness campaigns, lead generation and nurturing objectives? How do you roll-out digital marketing to the business? Learn these aspects and more on creating compelling and winning B2B Digital marketing campaigns to suit all key business scenarios and hear about best practise case studies from B2B space; you will also be provided with the latest in tools, and frameworks to apply.

Learning outcomes

Learn about B2B digital marketing strategies

Understanding how to apply B2B digital strategic marketing models

Align B2B digital marketing strategy with business and sales objectives

Empower and support sales through B2B social and digital sales

Identify business customer insights through B2B digital

Learn how to use digital for B2B lead generation and nurturing

Learn how to apply digital to improve B2B lead handover and lead management

Construct a compelling B2B digital marketing campaign

Gather B2B customer insights through digital marketing

Find and target B2B Customers

Learn about B2B customers, sales and marketing process and how to align and integrate them

Integrate offline environment with digital channels

Be able to develop the optimum mix of outbound and inbound B2B marketing

Map the B2B customer decision journey

Implement a marketing strategy to generate better B2B inbound traffic

Capture B2B interest and manage the customer decision journey

Develop a compelling B2B content marketing plan

Learn how to create B2B content

Identify optimum digital marketing mix to support B2B brand and awareness objectives

Integrate social and mobile marketing to support B2B customer life-cycle

Roll-out employee advocacy programs to support B2B digital marketing objectives

Define key success factors for B2B digital marketing implementation

Construct the right B2B digital marketing mix

Learn how to budget for B2B digital marketing

Learn about latest applications in B2B digital whether you’re a small business or a large organization

Who should attend

The programme is specifically for Business to Business marketers and assumes some basic knowledge or understanding of digital marketing. Those benefiting most are those marketers who have broader responsibility of B2B marketing i.e. from market communication to lead generation and customer life-cycle management.


Reporting to the EMEA Marketing Vice President at Dell, Simon was responsible for all UK marketing - leading across customer segments and channels for their full portfolio of products and solutions. Simon has around 20 years' experience in the IT and services industry from companies such as Toshi...
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