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Advanced Algorithmic Techniques With Applications

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About the course

The theory of algorithms is an important foundation of both Computer Science and Computer Engineering. This is a third course on algorithms to provide students with additional algorithmic techniques and expose them to the theory of computational complexity, which offers a deeper understanding of the demarcation between hard and easy problems.


Through this course, we will learn

  • Additional algorithmic techniques.
  • Additional problem areas and their algorithmic solutions.
  • Lower bounds and the theory of computational complexity



Hard Problems and Complexity Theory

  • Key ideas: Decision and optimization problems, P and NP, NP-completeness and reductions
  • Sample Applications

Approximation Algorithms and Heuristics

  • Key ideas: Heuristic vs approximation algorithms.
  • Sample Applications: Set covering, TSP, scheduling.


Randomized Algorithms

  • Key ideas: Monte Carlo and Las Vegas algorithms.
  • Sample Applications: Hashing and Bloom filters

Introduction to Lower Bounds

  • Key ideas: Lower bound theory
  • Sample Applications: searching, sorting, etc.

Who should attend

Professionals who wish to further improve their algorithmic techniques for solving non-trivial problems. School teachers who wish to refresh the concepts about algorithms; - Any one with intellectual curiosity about computing and wishes to improve problem solving techniques.

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