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Adapting to the New Volatility Regime

Available dates

Oct 22, 2019
Hong Kong
USD 550
USD 550 per day
Oct 24, 2019
USD 550
USD 550 per day


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About the course

Understand what drives volatility in business with this half day course

This course is designed to teach financial professionals how to adapt to the new volatility regime, using market timing and risk management strategies. Following the 2018 re-awakening of volatility, many are concerned with their strategy performance during this new uncertain environment, underpinned with ongoing market fragility.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this half-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn about the meaning of volatility, in both theoretical and practical market terms
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the 2018 re-awakening of volatility and how it has reshaped a new market regime and investor psychology
  • Benefits from latest market timing and risk management strategies
  • Re-position a value offering with client relations and portfolio performance

Course Agenda

Session 1 What is volatility and how does it impact your functional roles – around 1 hour

Probability curves, Sigma & Fat-tail risk

2018 volatility re-awakening and the new “crisis alpha” paradigm

Applying the VUCA model to client relations
  • Volatility - Fast, unpredictable changes, without clear patterns or trends
  • Uncertainty - Frequent, disruptive changes, marked by non-linear action
  • Complexity - Multiple, Technology, Society, Geopolitical
  • Ambiguity - Little clarity on what is real or true

Session 2 Improving performance using market timing and risk management – around 1 hour

Behavioural Technical Analysis

  • Crowd psychology
  • The cycle of emotions
  • Cognitive biases

Market Timing

  • Dynamic market states
  • Trend-following vs. mean-reversion
  • Using basic indicator strategies

Risk Management

  • A world of managed risk-returns
  • Scenario planning & mistake analysis
  • Risk strategies, including trailing stops, diversification and hedging

Session 3 Interactive role-play and case-study work – around 1 hour

  • Re-positioning a value proposition with clients and their portfolio management
  • Volatility related risks and how to overcome behavioural mistakes
  • Case-study work based on delegates experiences with client relations

Who should attend

Relationship Managers, Private Bankers, Wealth Managers, Client Advisors and other Client Facing Bank Personnel

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