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About the course

The streamlined process for acquiring commercial items can save your project time and money, but it requires a nuanced understanding of FAR Part 12 to be effective. You will learn how to determine what is a commercial item and follow a more efficient and cost-effective acquisition strategy. You will also identify the difference in the process for noncommercial acquisitions—from requirements definition to contract award. You will leave class with the ability to take advantage of this acquisition approach through analysis of relevant case studies.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine if the item or service to be acquired is a commercial item
  • Solicit, evaluate, and award in accordance with FAR Part 12
  • Administer a commercial item contract

Course Topics

Introduction to Commercial Item Practice

  • Definitions
  • FAR Implementation
  • Legislation Not Applicable to Acquisition of Commercial Items
  • Summary
  • Exercises and Case Studies

Defining the Requirement

  • Market Research
  • Concept of Commercial Market Acceptance
  • Requirements for Brand Name Items
  • Preparing the Purchase Request
  • Summary
  • Case Studies

Using Required Sources

  • Priorities For Use of Established Sources
  • Inventories of the Requiring Agency and Excess from Other Agencies (FAR subpart 8.1)
  • Federal Prison Industries (FAR subpart 8.6)
  • Nonprofit Agencies Employing People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled (FAR subpart 8.7)
  • Wholesale Supply Sources
  • GSA Schedules (FAR subpart 8.4)
  • GSA Advantage!
  • Government Sources of Printing and Related Supplies (FAR subpart 8.8)
  • Summary

Preparing the Solicitation

  • Using the Results of Market Research
  • Contract Financing
  • Prepare Solicitation
  • Summary
  • Exercise and Case Studies


  • Publicizing Under FAR Part 5
  • Streamlined Solicitation for Commercial Items
  • Summary
  • Exercise and Case Study

Evaluation and Award

  • Submission of Offers
  • Evaluation
  • Contract Award
  • Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items
  • Summary
  • Case Studies

Contract Administration

  • Inspection and Acceptance/Rejection
  • Changes
  • Terminations
  • Payment Terms and Invoices
  • Disputes
  • Closeout Considerations
  • Summary
  • Exercise and Case Studies

Who should attend

This course is designed for both government and private sector individuals involved in contracting or subcontracting for commercial items, both products and services, in accordance with FAR Part 12.

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