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Who should attend

/The AME is designed for executives with substantial functional management experience. Participants are high potential managers between the ages of 28-40 years old, representing a wide range of nationalities, and typically do not have an MBA. In general, they have gained managerial experience on-the-job. They are earmarked for geographically expanded functional responsibilities, broader general management roles within two to three years, or larger team management responsibilities. The AME is for functional experts & division managers who are ready to expand their horizons, breakdown silos & lead transversal teams. Participants should have roles where they need to connect and influence people and teams across different functions and countries, as well as implement important initiatives within their organisation. Members who have sent participants to our regional programme, the MBE (Mastering Business Excellence Programme) can enrol participants in the AME in Fontainebleau to wrap up their business fundamentals learning, by adding the soft skills to support them further in their leadership journey

About the course


Our individual leadership journeys start differently, but most often begin with a first experience in a rather focused, functional management role. Knowledge and understanding is gained by hands-on, on-the-job experience and as time passes, the manager in question progresses and improves through practice and learning. This leads to them being recognised for increased and more challenging responsibilities.

The AME bridges this first successful experience to the next step forward, where managers are encouraged to move from doing things themselves to getting things done with and through others. It teaches participants to harness the right energy and create the right context where new ideas can emerge, teams take initiatives and collaboration comes naturally.

Designed for plenty of networking, sharing and learning from other participants, the AME participants use their real-life innovation projects to begin their next leadership phase and move from their own functional expertise to guiding and inspiring diverse parties and opening their horizons beyond their own domaine.

The diversity of each AME group and the history of CEDEP’s faculty with each member organisation makes the programme experience unique and personalised – something CEDEP prides itself on.

Programme objective

Based at CEDEP in Fontainebleau, the purpose of the new AME is to give participants both some concrete tools, as well as the tactics, to be more effective as managers and leaders. In today’s fastpaced and volatile business world, we are presented with unparalleled challenges and we no longer have all the answers from past experience. We need to get our leaders to transition from doing things themselves and excelling in their functional expertise, to getting things done with and through others, based on an array of business acumen and soft skills.

As fairly experienced managers in their field, the group will come together to learn how to create the right context and environment to eliminate the barriers to innovation and accompany new ideas to successful fruition.

The AME focuses on the soft skills for business which are vital to align stakeholders and eliminate barriers to innovation and change within organisations. The priority of the course is to inspire collaboration for joint initiatives, build a culture of engaging commitment and transformation, as well as looking at new ways of doing things. Innovation is only worthwhile if it results in action – the AME teaches participants how to provide the time and resources to develop and implement new ideas worth acting upon and encourage repeated new ideas.

Programme content

The AME runs once a year in the spring in Fontainebleau for 9 days. Topics covered include coaching, innovation in a digitalised world and virtual team collaboration, stakeholder analysis, design thinking and managing yourself and leading others. All of the themes are blended together to help participants to create their perfect environment to motivate others to adopt change and new ideas on a big scale, and to have an impact on overall performance as well as the culture of the company.

Each participant will develop their own individual innovation project which is specific to them and their team/organisation and prepare this before they arrive on campus for the programme. These innovation projects serve as the knowledge repositories during the programme and serve as learning enablers during the discussion and as the red-thread of the entire programme. Participants will identify a valuable idea in their organisation that has not yet come to fruition. They will nurture this project every day over the programme, identify bottlenecks to innovation and change in their organisation and learn how to eliminate, reduce, tame, or ideally, reverse them to become enablers.

Participants are grouped in trios and each session applies the content learnt directly to their innovation projects.

The AME is a mix of workshops, design seminars, lectures and a special AME customised simulation. There are several evenings of social activities organised for participants and some time at the weekend for exploring the Fontainebleau region.

Benefits and Impact

Participants will go back to their teams reenergised with new ideas and projects, developed with their AME group. They will have the skills to drive change and innovation and be able to give their teams the support they need to help implement a ‘ripple effect’ within their organisation. They will also be able to put their innovation project into action.

Videos and materials

Achieving Managerial Excellence at Cedep

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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