Achieving Excellence in Customer Experience (CX) Management

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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  • 3 days
  • online, in person

Schulich Executive Learning Centre


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Who should attend

This program will benefit managers, directors and VPs who seek to develop the organizational capacity to differentiate their business from the competition through exceptional CX. It is perfect for all areas, including:

  • Retail
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Contact Centres
  • Processing Centres

Participants will also benefit from:

  • Simulation, case studies and group work based on real world challenges;
  • Real life examples of excellent and not-so-excellent implementations;
  • Learning how to identify and model the application of new technologies;
  • Exercising agile innovation to develop real life next practices

About the course

Learn the skills to manage CX for maximum competitive advantage and build the organizational capacity for delivering sustained CX excellence

Customer Experience (CX) is the impression your business leaves with customers at every point of contact and across every stage of their relationship with you. A positive experience builds brand loyalty and affinity, and contributes to your bottom line by creating brand advocates who increase in value over time (LTV) and evangelize your products and services to others.

Managing the customer experience has emerged as a key strategy to gain competitive advantage in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, especially in the business-to-consumer sector. This customer experience management training course is designed to build organizational capacity to nurture long-term customer relationships by optimizing and aligning interactions to exceed expectations. It will furnish participants with the knowledge, insights and skills required to quickly and effectively formulate, implement and manage a framework of ongoing customer experience excellence.

Top Take-Aways

  • Understanding why CX is a strategic imperative
  • Understanding the impact of CX on organizational performance
  • Quantifying the ROI for customer experience excellence
  • Cultivating the capacity to go beyond best-practices to next-practices
  • Ensuring the brand experience is consistent with the brand promise
  • Eliminating performance variance across channels, locations, touchpoints
  • Connecting core organizational beliefs to a focus on customers
  • Putting the human being at the centre of design
  • Moving beyond surveys into gaining customer insights
  • Becoming a CX leader and champion


Pillars for a Culture of Excellence

  • Understanding the belief systems & values of a culture of excellence
  • Learning the conditions of an organization that is ready to deliver CX excellence
  • Every protagonist is relevant to CX excellence – customer, employee, owner
  • Participants will perform a customer experience capacity self-assessment

Current & Future Trends in CX Excellence

  • CX technology is transforming at an accelerating rate
  • Human capital management is today a far greater strategic imperative than before
  • Systems & processes are being transformed by customer expectations & tech.
  • Customer experience strategy continues to gain prominence in organization performance

The Model for Governance of CX Excellence

  • Most organizations have a challenge in formulating the real ROI for CX
  • Decision-making process as enabler or hurdle
  • The balance between decentralized and centralized decision making
  • Employee and customer engagement as an imperative of governance
  • Designing and managing for continuous CX improvement

Principles of Human Centric Design in CX Excellence

  • Principles of designing with the customer at the center of CX
  • Designing for optimum employee delivery of CX excellence
  • The owner’s role in enabling the organization for CX excellence
  • The role of segmented journeys in CX design
  • The implications of the emotional quotient in CX excellence

Construct for Operations of CX Excellence

  • Achieving CX excellence across locations, channels, touchpoints
  • The extent to which the customer is experiencing the brand promise
  • Quantifying the impact of CX solutions on the customer experience index
  • Identifying the critical enablers of CX Excellence
  • Innovating for evolution, expansion or revolution (Guest Facilitator)
  • Implications of AI and DML in CX (Guest Facilitator)

Roles & Responsibilities for Delivery of CX Excellence

  • The role of the front line in delivering CX excellence
  • The managers’ role in managing the front line for CX excellence
  • The leaders’ responsibilities in achieving CX excellence

Executive Round Tables (optional, post program)

  • From program learnings, identify a common issue amongst interested participants
  • A scope of work that is valuable for participants on the common issue
  • Scheduling a limited meeting timeline, 1:1 with facilitator and as a group
  • Exchanging knowledge, insights and learning on the common issue

Industry Field Trips (optional, post program)

  • Non-competitive and cross-industry teams for a one-day, on-site field trip
  • Deep dive into the receiving company’s CX design and delivery


Vafa Akhavan

Vafa Akhavan is an executive leader with global experience across seven industries and 16 countries. His career is made up of corporate leadership roles and management consulting at marquee brands within their respective industries. Customer experience, employee engagement and owner returns have ...

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Achieving Excellence in Customer Experience (CX) Management at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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