Sauder School of Business

Achieving a Leadership Presence®

Available dates

Dec 10—11, 2019
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1508
CAD 997 per day
Apr 2—3, 2020
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1508
CAD 997 per day


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About the course

Perform your leadership role with a compelling presence

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course will enable you to bring out the performer that lives within us all. Learn to develop your personal performance style, and build an inspirational leadership presence that engages others. Fulfill your leadership role with the political savvy necessary for anyone who aspires upward in the organization.

Through an intensive series of workshops, almost every moment will present you with opportunities to practice your new skills and receive supportive one-on-one feedback.

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What you will learn

  • Develop the presence and clear communication style of a true leader
  • Use your authentic presence to inspire others
  • Take your speaking skills to the next level, by developing a powerful stance and expressive voice
  • Overcome nerves and fear of public speaking
  • Perform scripts in a polished but natural way
  • Use improvisational techniques to improve collaboration
  • Project a dynamic image that elicits trust and respect
  • Create your executive character and act the leadership part with energy and compelling self-assurance

Program content

You will receive personal coaching as you hone your leadership and communication skills. You will also create a script based upon an upcoming performance opportunity. You will be videotaped delivering your script, and get feedback on both your presence and delivery.

Topics covered:

  • The world is your stage: the active connection between leadership and presence, creating an immediate impression with a strong entrance
  • Creating your character: what makes certain characters compelling, identifying the leadership qualities you wish to project
  • Reaching your audience: giving audiences what they need, listening to hear the emotional subtext, developing warmth and political savvy
  • Speaking with passion: articulating your words expressively, reflecting the energy and excitement of your ideas
  • Achieving the presence of a seasoned professional: using movement, strong gestures and body language to support the executive image you intend to project, fostering relaxation and spontaneity
  • “Lights, Camera, Action” Workshop: performing scripts in a polished, compelling way
  • “Presence in Interactions” Workshop: reading people by listening for different emotions, responding empathetically
  • “You’re Always On” Workshop: improvising great performances in every-day situations, acting the leadership part with energy and charisma
  • “Curtain Call”: leaving a lasting impression

Who should attend

This course is for anyone who aspires to achieve the leadership presence demonstrated so frequently by executives—a necessary quality for those who wish to move upward in any organization. It is especially beneficial for those who represent their company both internally or externally.

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