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Accounting Essentials for Non-Financial Managers

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About the course

Learn how management accounting can be used to better understand what drives costs, how budgets are set, and how resource spending decisions are made.

This seminar will develop your abilities to effectively allocate resources and assess their productivity. You'll learn how to use tools such as budgets, benchmarking, transfer pricing, and a balanced scorecard to manage the bottom line. Through use of these tools, you will improve your understanding of (and ability to explain) financial decisions and trade-offs.


  • Allocation methods and evaluation of resource effectiveness
  • Incentives and managerial decision-making
  • Benchmarking and budgeting tools
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Financial decision process and incentives of decision-makers


  • Gain a balanced perspective on budgeting and resource allocation
  • Understand and explain the strategic logic of financial trade-offs in your organization

Who should attend

Managers in non-finance-related functional areas, managers newly joining the finance function, and those managers seeking to review concepts previously encountered

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